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What Cause Low Blood Pressure?
Low Blood Pressure Risks

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Low Blood Pressure Ranges, Causes, Numbers and Risks - Blood Pressure FAQ's


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To learn more about low blood pressure causes and risks (ncluding information on how blood pressure is impacted by pregnancy, medications, heart problems, endocrine problems, dehydration, neurally mediated hypotension, blood loss, septic shock, anaphylaxis, postural hypotension, Parkinson's Disease, multiple system atrophy with orthostatic hypotension, nutritional deficiencies and postprandial hypotension) please visit The Mayo Clinic Website

What is normal blood pressure?
Although "normal" ranges among experts, blood pressure is generally considered normal if it is no higher than 120/80 - with many doctors pushing for even lower blood pressure measurements, down to 115/75.

What's the difference between systolic and diastolic pressure?
Systolic is the first reading you see on your blood pressure test and it indicates how well your heart is getting blood thru the arteries and body. Diastolic is the second number on your blood pressure test results and it refers to how much pressure is still measured in your arteries when your heart is at rest.

Does blood pressure stay basically the same in a healthy individual?
No. Blood pressure can change quickly without it meaning anything is wrong. Some situations that can cause a sudden rise in bp include stress levels, medications and the eating of certain foods.

At what measurement does low blood pressure become unhealthy?
If either your systolic or diastolic (doesn't have to be both) measurements are lower than considered healthy, you could be at risk for health challenges associated with low blood pressure. A reading of below 90 systolic or below 60 diastolic will probably result in a diagnosis of low blood pressure from your doctor.

Is low blood pressure dangerous?
It can be, particularly if it's a sudden and significant drop. Symptoms of a sudden drop in blood pressure include dizziness or even fainting. Acute trauma to the body can precipitate sudden blood pressure fluctuations too so this should be noted in cases of severe allergic reactions, acute infection or uncontrolled bleeding.

What helps low blood pressure?
One of the most simple remedies for low blood pressure that can be used until medical attention can be sought is water. Drinking two glasses of water often will help when low blood pressure is causing dizziness or faint-headedness. However, if there is some reason your doctor has restricted water intake (can't think of any reason but who knows) then of course, check with doctor before employing the water remedy for low blood pressure symptoms.

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Health Care Disclaimer: If you are under a doctor's care for abnormally low blood pressure, please check with your doctor before adding any natural remedies to your health regimen. Ask your doctor about adding more salt to your diet.