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About Borelia Bacteria and Lyme Disease

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Ticks may also carry Leptospirosis

Lyme Disease is one of those conditions that can sometimes be misdiagnosed as something else. If a person is one of the people who develop the characteristic "Bull's Eye" rash, then lyme is easy to recognize but not everyone develops that rash. Since the symptoms of lyme disease don't always appear suddenly, they may not be connected to a tick bite that happened weeks ago.

Lyme Disease is a very serious disease that can drastically impact the quality of health for some who contract it. While it isn't considered fatal, some affected people may develop debilitating arthritis or have issues with their heart. Many report fatique, headaches and muscle pain among common symptoms of the condition. However, each person with lyme presents with their own set of symptoms and they are not the same, from one person to the next. This makes diagnosing, or rather misdiagnosis, an issue. Lyme may be initially diagnosed as fibromyalgia or chronic fatique.

How do you catch Lyme Disease? Lyme is spread by tick bites. While the deer tick is the main carrier, other ticks may also have the bacterium that causes lyme. One of the most interesting things I learned when I was researching this subject is that a tick bite doesn't mean you get Lyme. How long the tick stays on there is a big factor.

If you check yourself often while walking in the woods, and make sure to strip down, do a thorough body search and take a shower with some teatree oil shampoo after being out in wooded areas, you cut your chances of getting Lyme from any ticks that may have attached to you during your walk. Never go to bed after a walk in the woods without a thorough body search. If you live in a wooded area, it might be a good practice to leave shoes and coats outside and spray them with inset repellent (hopefully, a natural repellent) before going walking or working out in the woods.

Treatments for Lyme DiseaseAccording to the CDC, laboratory testing can be helpful and the use of antibiotics early on can treat lyme. However, in some patients, treatment doesn't alleviate all the symptoms and these can affect quality of life for years to come. Those who suffer after treatment are diagnosed as having Post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome pr PTLDS. The CDC on PTLDS.

One of the reasons PTLDS may occur is that the bacterium that causes lyme, Borrelia is uniquely shaped in a way that allows the bacteria to move deep into areas that antibiotics miss. It's a deviously clever bacteria and can cause chronic symptoms for years, even after conventional treatment. The same tick that carries borelia may also carry babesiosis so it's possible to get more than one infection from a single tick bite. This makes treatment even more challenging. Natural Lyme Disease Treatments

Some natural health advocates recommend garlic and Glutathione as useful supplements to support the body in recovering from Lyme. Herbal Medicines I've seen mentioned include Japanese Knotweed, Sarsparilla, Chines Skullcap, Astragalus and Cat's Claw. PLEASE NOTE: I don't recommend taking herbals for lyme unless you first have a consultation with a qualified health professional. I don't know how these herbs are used, or in what concentration, for helping with Lyme Disease recovery.

One of the most promising treatments I read about involved electrotherapy. I recently read how Raymond Rife, the creator of the Rife Machine, discovered that specific frequencies could cause harmful viruses and bacteria to dissolve. That's putting it very simply but there's a video on youtube that shows more about his amazing work: Dr. Royal Raymond Rife.

I feel there is sufficient evidence to say that the work of Raymond Rife was actively and deliberately suppressed by the medical industry. I believe the Rife Machine has tremendous implications for health and offer the following for exploration and education. Of course, not everyone believes in the Rife Machine. You'll find scathing articles debunking the life's work of Rife as well as the machine he created.

Health Care Disclaimer: Lyme Disease is a serious health issue. If the bacterium gets into the brain, it can cause mental health issues and even be misdiagnosed as Alzheimers. If it affects the heart or nervous system, there could be debilitiating result. If you find a tick on your body, and experience any symptoms or see the Bull's Eye rash, be sure to seek treatment as soon as possible. Alternative options are presented for education and not as replacement for any medical evaluation, testing or treatment your health team may deem adviseable for you.