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Lymph Drainage Self-Massage
Relieve Congested Lymph in Head

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How to Self-Massage for Lymph Drainage

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Why Lymph Drainage is Important!

I really love this video because the massage therapist who posted it to her youtube channel is so good at demonstrating this simple yet very effective way to perform a self-massage for lymph drainage, to relieve congestion in the head and face areas.

She does mention that there are specific contraindications for this type of massage and to visit her website for more information. I've included a link to her website in the youtube video link and also went ahead and rounded up the contraindication information for you.

Heather says this is not an appropriate self-massage for those with fever, acute infection or early onset inflammatory disease, circulatory issues, thrombosis, phlebitis, heart disease, acute angina pectoris or coronary thrombosis, active bleeding, malignant cancers, undiagnosed lumps or tumors or high risk pregnancy. Please visit her blog from her website for more information and she has contact info there too, for additional questions.

Thanks to massage therapist Healther Wibbels, LMT, for a very good instructional video on the subject of self-massage for lymph drainage. Now, here's Heather's video:

Self Lymph Drainage by massagebyheather.com

Health Care Disclaimer: Self-massage is not intended to replace any needed medical attention or evaluation. Lymph-related conditions may be more serious than simple lymph congestion so any swelling of lymph nodes should be evaluated medically, to rule out more serious conditions.