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Cosmic Casting Call for Matt Damon
for the Role of Joseph Wesley Newman

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The cosmic casting call for Matt Damon


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Broadcasting Amazing Casting Roles:

The cosmic casting agency was born because I want to see certain people in certain roles. For some reason, I just needed to express it. There are roles that deserve a strong talent at the helm of them. There are people so unique that any film about them should be carried by the strongest talent that could represent them.

Matt Damon as Joseph Wesley Newman:
Did anyone else catch the documentary about Joe Newman and his perpetual motion machine on March 11, 2017? Wow. He took that technology with him when he died in 2015 rather than let the oil industry or power industry get hold of it. He was a complex man who ended up being completely undone by the system. I wonder how many Joe Newman's there are out there, discovering and creating free energy for all of us, only to have patents denied, development held up, fund depleted before being able to mass-produce. For me, the biggest ironic moment, in a sea of irony, was the judge who said there had to be a "master consultant" to test the machine before he could judge whether a patent should be issued, because the machine itself violated well-established physics laws. This judge hand-picked the master consultant, who determined the machine did what Joe Newman said it did and that a pattern was warranted. The judge threw out his own master consultant's report and denied the patent.

I ponder why these great ideas so often come to people who are not completely mentally stable. They are the least equipped to withstand all the pressures of the established industries and scientific community. Joe had too much rage against establishment to stay on task.

The more I read the more fascinating this guy gets. Some call him an idiot; some call him a genius. There is no doubt he had some mental stability issues, at least later in life. After being denied patents over and over, I wonder how much was building up in him over the years and how much he was just naturally a loose cannon. In any case, his melt-downs did not help his case, nor did his eventual Messiah complex but those who worked most closely with him for the largest amount of time all believed the machine did what he said it did.

When I look at early interviews with Joe Newman, I can see Matt Damon playing the role quite easily. I'm not sure who I would cast as the older Newman but Hollywood can do wonders with aging makeup so maybe Damon could carry his life story to his death in 2015. Matt, here's your cosmic casting call: Joseph Wesley Newman. I think youtube shuffles the videos so if the older Newman shows up, don't be offended. I think you'd have a blast with this role of the younger Joseph Newman. I also think it's an important story to be told, not to mention that it would be highly entertaining to watch. Unfolds in the 70's so nice period piece with fun clothing too.

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