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About The Gerson Approach - Nutrition for Healing

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Dr. Max Gerson developed a nutritional treatment plan that helped many, many people with various health conditions including Cancer Before his death in 1959, Dr. Gerson gave a statement at the Pepper-Neely Congressional Subcommittee regarding his work. The words below are a quote from that statement:

"The great number of chronic diseases which responded to the dietetic treatment showed clearly that the human body lost part of its resistance and healing power, as he left the way of natural nutrition for generations. The fundamental damage starts with the use of artificial fertilizer for vegetables and fruits as well as for fodder. Thus the chemically transformed vegetarian and meat nourishment, increasing through generations, transforms the organs and functions of the human body in the wrong direction. Another basic defect lies in the waste of excrement’s of the cities.

Instead of returning the natural manure to the fruit-bearing soil, it is led into the rivers, killing underwater life. The natural cycle is interrupted and mankind has to suffer dearly for the violation. Life in forest and wilderness should teach us this lesson. But we can regain the lost defense and healing power if we return as close as possible to the laws of nature as they are created. Highly concentrated for speedy reaction, they are laid down in this dietetic treatment."

Keep in mind that this statement was given way in advance of the introduction of genetically modified foods and toxic chemicals like Round Up and DuoEnlist. There were toxic chemicals, to be sure, because Dupont was around then but the massive scale of abuse to our soil since the time of Max Gerson, who died mysteriously of arsenic poisoning in 1959, makes his warning all the more potent today.

Our soil is dying. We are over-farming and leaching the natural minerals and applying billions of gallons of toxic waste directly on to our food sources. In addition, most of the food we eat in the United States has been genetically modified and is processed/high fat/high sugar junk. In a very direct way, the condition of our soil is the condition of our health. One of the ways I'm balancing the nutritional lack in foods today, nutrients we used to get from the soil, is to take humates. I'm very pleased with this humic acid and fulvic acid extract.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, or know someone who has, you may want to read more about Gerson Therapy. If you click the audio book link at top of page, you can listen to a sample of the book on Gerson therapy and there's also an article about the general details here: Max Gerson Article.

Health Disclaimer: The information contained in the alternative health care / healing questions posted here should not be construed as replacement for personal medical advice from your health care professional. Cervical cancer, like other forms of cancer, is best treated when caught early so regular pap exams are important. If you have been diagnosed with cervical cancer, it's very important to discuss any adjunctive therapies, such as herbals or other natural cancer remedies, with your doctor.