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Gas and the Menopausal Woman
Cleansing May Help Elimination

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Relief for Eliminatory Issues Made Worse by Menopause


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Looking for relief from inflammation, gas, bloating and more? Please continue reading for a solution.

If you are a menopausal woman, you probably have seen a lot about some symptoms and not so much about others. There is prolific information on night sweats and hot flashes but the digestive and eliminatory changes associated with the change of life can be just as uncomfortable as the more common symptoms. Have you noticed, for example, that your elimination has changed? I certainly noticed this, particularly in the form of a lot more gas and bloating than was ever the case before.

Truth is, gas is the # 1 menopause symptom, according to menopauserx.com with close to 1/3 of menopausal women reporting gas and/or bloating as a primary discomfort. These results were part of a national independent survey. If you are experiencing excess gass and intestinal discomfort as a symptom of menopause, it may be that a good detox could help get your system back on track. I've always been an advocate for detoxing and internal cleansing anyway but when I went thru menopause, it became even more important for me to keep my elimination healthy. I've included some information about a detox program that may help.

Menopause Without Medicine

About the Digestive Science 3-Stage Cleanse:
I like the way this cleanse kit is set up, addressing what I feel is the most important underlying condition first -- internal inflammation. The Digestive Science kit certainly contains some really good natural ingredients for addressing menopausal gas and bloating as well as helping to restore colon health over time.

I like the ingredients, particularly the FOS, brown rice fiber and probiotics. I like the third stage maintenance program too, since this is an aspect a lot of cleanse programs leave out, and I think chia is an excellent choice for colon health maintenance. I also appreciate that this company offers a simple and easy to understand article on the way our digestive system works which you may also find interesting and useful.

Important note: Stage one of this cleanse does include senna, a stimulant laxative, so please check with your doctor before taking, if you have any colon health issues.

==>> Order the Digestive Science Internal Cleanse Program
You'll be trying this program risk free!

Health Disclaimer: Menopause causes huge changes in a woman's body, because of the hormonal fluxes and changes that occur. Please check with your doctor before adding a cleanse program, to rule out possible interactions with any drugs or medications you currently take for menopausal symptoms.