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Road Rage and Magnesium?
PMS and Iodine Deficiency?

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Minerals are involved in every possible life process at the cellular level. This means that for every heart beat, for every thought, for every feeling to take place there needs to be the right minerals present at the site. But they are not. Why? Because you are not getting enough of them in your food. And why do I know that? Because of studies published about that very topic.

When you grow foods using NPK fertilizer, the plants grow fast, and reach the appearance of healthy produce, but they are hollow. They look good in shape, but their mineral content is less than half of what it was just 60 years ago.

Consider this: road rage is an expression of magnesium deficiency, PMS is tied to iodine, aggression to copper/zinc imbalance, and chromium to weight management. And that's just off the top of my head. There is a way to avoid all this trouble. Read on.

Chuck Benbrook, science advisor to the Organic Center for Education and Promotion says this about nutritional value and how plants are grown:
"The faster a plant grows / is pushed, the more intensive the production system, the higher the yield goal, the greater the chance that the harvest from that crop will be deficient in some set of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants."

Well, of course. That makes sense, doesn't it? The plants are growing without pulling in the minerals they used to get when they were allowed to grow at natural rates. So now what? We believe that nutritional supplementation is the only way out, until we all as a society decide that we have to demand quality food, and by quality I mean nutrients, not looks.

A study of 43 vegetables and fruits suggests their nutritional value has declined in the past 50 years, scientists say. The researchers suggested the decline may result from the fact that farmers have been planting crops designed to improve traits other than nutritional value, such as size.

Broccoli -- a favorite among many mothers, thanks to its alleged nutritional value -- is one of the many garden crops whose nutrient content has been declining in recent decades, according to studies.

The researchers said the study also raises the possibility that similar declines might have affected other food crops, such as grains. More research is required to check whether this is so, said Donald Davis, the study's lead author. The study was designed to investigate the effects of modern agricultural methods on foods' nutrient content. Davis and colleagues studied U.S. Department of Agriculture data on garden crops, mostly vegetables, but also melons and strawberries, comparing data from both 1950 and 1999.

T. J. Clark has a really good colloidal mineral supplement as well as a lot of other vitamin and supplement formulations..

The other day the importance of minerals came to me and I expressed it this way: Our aura is the reflection of our well-being. The aura is dependent on the electric charge our cells are able to carry. The electric charge is directly dependent on the quality of the electrolyte in the cellular battery, and that is directly related to the mineral content of the bodily fluids involved in these exchanges. In other words: the total dissolved solids in our cellular structures will dictate how well we feel and function.

Health Care Disclaimer: Nutrient rich superfoods are not presented as replacement for any needed medical care or attention. They are suggested as supportive of overall health and vitality to the body. Road rage may be a signal that your stress levels are out of whack and PMS may involve more than iodine deficiency. Please see a mental health professional if prone to road rage or other types of free floating hostility. If suffering from PMS, see a qualified health professional to rule out iodine deficiency.