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The Message of the MOON Card


Ignoring what you know

You drew the card MOON from the free card readings page or you have been led to this page by a search on pertinent keywords. Either way, perhaps the message of the MOON card will be helpful.

Trusting your inner knowing and intuition can be a little tricky, especially for very empathic beings. If you are aware of the feelings of others to the degree that you unconsciously allow their ideas and thoughts to override your own, this is a message regarding that issue.

How many times have you had an instant, intuitive hit on a situation but then allowed that water to be muddied by the opinions, fears, and judgments of others? You may just be coming into awareness of how often you do this.

The next time you have a gut reaction to something, try following that rather than asking someone else what they think or even sharing your instincts and intended action with them. The ones most close to you are the ones most likely to want to keep you from risk. However, taking risks (backed by our intuitive sensing) is the only way we develop stronger intuitive knowing and the only way we grow.

Hanwi, as the Moon is an energetic gateway for awakening and enhancing the feminine quality of intuition. My dedicated practice of Moontime Isolation acquainted me in quite a new way with Hanwi. I came to know Hanwi as a living, breathing entity, much like I already knew Mother Earth. The Moon seemed so much more piercing a light to me than the Sun, because it pierced darkness. In my life the message of the Moon has been to trust what is unseen but known. To walk with my intuition turned on and way up, like a beacon guiding me thru my day.

Sometimes the piercing of the dark sheds light on something we wish we didn't have to see. That also is the blessing of Hanwi, the strength to see it and know what to do about it.

Another reason Hanwi may appear in your reading is that you are ignoring something you know. It may not be outside interference but inner that is stopping you from doing what you know needs to be done, or accepting what you know needs to be accepted. If you keeping getting a nagging feeling that won't let you go, it's because your intuition is trying valiantly to break through and assist you. Take more time for meditation, long hot showers, or relaxing massage now, to help calm the mind so you can hear that inner message.

Look at ways you may be unconsciously conforming to the perception of someone close to you. Are you being what they want to see? Are you being completely impeccable in what you say? Are you saying what you mean?

The Moontime is a time of cleansing and intuitive intensity for women. When you chose this card today, whether male or female, it may be telling you that you are on the verge of an intensely strong transformative time. If you find you're mind running away with you or feel as if you just have to pace all the time because of an impulse to do something, while not knowing what to do, these can be signals that something very deep within is surfacing. What's important is to keep the body moving in a positive way so the energies can move through the cells of your body and release the information to you about what needs to shift in your life.

Positive movement choices include dance, walking in nature, stretching and yoga, rebounding or any other movement that is enjoyable. When tempted to pace, find a positive movement pattern to help with the energy.

And finally, look at ways you may be all working and no playing. It's vital to make space for your creative impulses right now. Be sure you are allowing time, or scheduling it in as just as important as any other appointment, for creative pursuits.

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Important Disclaimer: The use of cards for spiritual purposes is controversial and not everyone feels they should be used or trusted. I am not one of those people. I believe, if you are sincere in your desire to know the truth about something that is troubling you, the use of cards with good messages may be effective. For me, it's no different than praying. If it offends you or does not agree with you, please feel free to move on. All decks are not for all people. These may or may not speak to you.