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Health benefits for popular mushrooms


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I can't login to my facebook page these days without seeing an ad for nutritional mushrooms of one type or another. It's not news that many types of mushrooms offer health benefits. Several types have anti-bacterial properties, some are good sources of those vital B-Vitamins we all need and others are a good protein source. There are even mushrooms being studied for anti-cancer properties.

I'm sure you've heard of the most popular, like Reishi and Shitake. You may have even taken one or both of those. The healing benefits of consuming mushrooms is not new but what is kinda new is how they are being packaged. Flavorful mushrooms are being added to drinks, including java. I like the idea of adding them to coffee because I drink coffee every day but if you're going to buy one of the mushroom powders with coffee, choose a company that uses organic coffee and organic mushrooms. Additionally, ask if the company tests for heavy metals, pesticides and especially for mold. If you have mold allergies, I'd be very careful when choosing a mushroom supplement or eating mushrooms, if I were you.

* Maitake mushroom - Potential positive effect on blood pressure
* Oyster mushroom - Anti-bacterial
* Porcini mushroom - High potassium. If on potassium-sparing diuretic, check with doctor before consuming porcini
* Crimini mushroom - Anti-inflammatory, beneficial for blood flow, anti-breast cancer properties
* King Trumpet mushroom - High protein, potential positive effect on cholesterol levels
* Chanterelle mushroom - Good B-vitamin source, contains zinc, copper, potassium
* Turkey Tail Mushroom - Anti-tumor properties being studied. Also anti-bacterial
* Shitake mushroom - High in B Vitamins and good source of vitamin D. May help with weight loss.
* Enoki mushroom - High protein, good source of B vitamins
* Reishi mushroom - As one of the most well-known and often-studied medicinal mushrooms, the list of potential health benefits from consuming Reishi are long and include anti-tumor, anti-cancer properties as well as being beneficial for liver detox and function, cardiovascular health, hormone balancing, managing diabetes, fighting allergies, addressing asthma and reducing risk of viral infection. Resource to learn more about Reishi Mushroom Benefits

Health Disclaimer:
Mushrooms are considered a very good nutritional food with lots to offer. In addition, like most of God's natural creations, mushrooms have healing properties as well. Several types of mushroom are being studied for medicinal properties and most have long been used to enhance health in specific ways. However, if you are under a doctor's care for any known medical condition, please be sure to check with your doctor before adding concentrated mushroom extracts, powders or drinks. Mushrooms are not being represented as replacement for any needed medical attention, testing or evaluation.