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How to Assist Your Body in Detoxing - Natural Aids to Safe, Easy Detoxing


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This is part three of a three part article on doing a detox safely. In part one we introduced information about how to detox without a healing crisis and covered some of the main aspects of cleansing safely and painlessly. It will be helpful to read part one. In this second section, we will talk about some natural foods and supplements that can help your detox to go easier and with less chance of a healing crisis during the cleansing process.

Healthy Foods and Supplements for Ease in Detoxification: Below you'll find a few nutritional suggestions that will help you restore and maintain healthy elimination. Just by adding these healthy foods and supplements to your diet, not as a once in a while thing but regularly, you can help to start turning around a toxic bowel situation. Organic flax seed, ground and sprinkled on cereal, adds fiber and healthy fats to your diet and helps with constipation.

Fresh cilantro, eaten fresh not cooked in something, helps the body naturally chelate heavy metals. However, it is best to also use something that will bind the heavy metals after the cilantro flushes them out, such as MSM, algin or other binders.

Aloe Vera juice is very healing and soothing to the entire stomach and intestinal tract. Many people drink it every day. Please note, though, that your doctor may not approve aloe vera juice if you are under care for colitis, diverticulitis, irritable bowel or other such conditions. This is not because aloe vera juice causes any of these conditions to worsen but because it temporarily colors the walls of the intestines, which can make reading the results of a colonoscopy more difficult for your doctor. Natural remedies like alo are not without potential side effects. If considering adding aloe vera juice please read the section on aloe vera side effects.

If you feel you are toxic at levels that might precipitate too much of a healing crisis for you, you might try adding these helpful nutritionals to your diet for a month or two before starting a detox program.

As always, if you are under a doctor's care for any type of colon problem, you need to check with your doctor before adding anything new to your diet. the right way to cleansing for health. If you have a colon problem, such as IBS, Krohn's or Diverticulitis, you should check with your doctor before making any dietary or health regimen changes.

Continue with part three: Detoxing and Colonics

Detoxification Disclaimer: The addition of any or all of the healthy foods and supplements mentioned on this page should be discussed with your doctor if you are under a doctor's care for a toxic bowel or any known health condition, and particularly any condition having to do with the colon. Be wise with your health.