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Herbal and Homeopathic Ear Health Formulas for Soothing Ear pain and Earache

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Introducing two natural remedies for soothing aching ears and relieving ear pain. Ask-a-healer recommended product line.

EarHeal: Earheal is an herbal and homeopathic formula that is taken internally, which helps to support total ear health from the inner ear to the middle ear to the outer ear. The ingredients in Earheal naturally support healthy ears by maintaining normal and healthy bacteria levels and by supporting immune function.

Pasque Flower, one of the principle ingredients in the EarHeal formula, has been studied for it's effect on acute otitis media, an ear condition children often acquire. In addition to the Pasque Flower extract, EarHeal also contains echinacea for immune system support as well as several homeopathics specifically chosen for properties that help to enhance overall ear health.

Ear-OK: Herbals and essential oils formula for soothing ear pain, helping to soften ear wax and helping the body to maintain normal ear wax levels within the ear. This natural formula relieves ear pain and itching inside the ears and also helps to soften earwax and plugs that can form and cause discomfort. In addition, Ear-OK helps to prevent the recurrence of chronic ear problems.

Ear-OK contains mullien and garlic, two ingredients often used in folk remedies for relieving ear pain. In addition to it's legacy in folk medicine, mullien has also been studied for treating acute otitis media. Other ingredients in Ear-OK include tea tree oil, an essential oil which helps maintain healthy bacteria in the ear canal, and lavender oil which is very soothing to the ear and helps with earache pain.

Health Care Disclaimer: Natural remedies for earache and ear pain are not represented as replacement for any needed medical evaluation, testing or treatment. Hearing loss can sometimes be caused by more serious health challenges so check with your doctor if symptoms do not improve. Talk to your doctor to see if they are open to adjunctive health supplements or formulas.