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What Is Occipital Neuralgia?
Help for headaches on the left side

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Do your headaches always happen on the left side of your head? Find out what the significance is of a left-sided migraine or headache.


This is part two of a response to an email I received about a spiritual healing session. The person who had the experience was suffering from pressure on the left side of her head before the session. In part one, I addressed the basic question of whether going out of body during healing and it is usual or "ok" to feel as if you go somewhere else during a healing session. In part two, I provide a list of common causes of left-sided headaches. You may want to refer to that section for other reasons besides occipital neuralgia, which is covered on this page. This is only a partial list. Check with your doctor for drug interactions and other tests that might help identify why you are having a headache only on the left side of your head.

What is Occipital Neuralgia?
A neurological condition, occipital neuralgia is characterized by pain that begins in the neck and spreads to one side of the head or the other. A person with Occipital Neuralgia may experience pain in the upper back, around their ears or at the back of the head.

For some who suffer with occipital neuralgia, there may be an excruciating tenderness to the scalp as well as on the forehead and behind the eyes. The quality of the pain most experience with occipital neuralgia is a sharp, piercing sort of pain rather than a dull ache. There may be a throbbing sensation or an electrical shock feel to the pain as well.

Treatment for this painful condition is typically bed rest and massage therapy. If the pain is bad enough, your doctor may prescribe an antidepressant or inject steriods. Steriod use is not without risk so please weight benefits vs risk before accepting steroid injections for occipital neuralgia or other conditions.

Natural approaches to headaches may include homeopathics (Bryonia and Lachesis are two homeopathy remedies that are used for specifically addressing left-sided migraines; however, homeopathy remedies address the entire range of symptoms for a condition so it's important to read about both formulas to determine which one might best suit your symptom set), Stress reduction techniques such as biofeedback, energetic healing modalities such as reiki, massage, chiropractic care, yoga or other disciplines that include gentle stretching and relaxation techinques and natural headache remedies.

extreme low frequency waves from GWEN Towers may be a factor in left-sided headaches too. The ELF waves are pretty constant and large in northeast Alabama, where I am right now, and I have a left-sided headache a lot from them. I keep working with this, for me, vital issue and looking for the solution. ELF generators are one possibility I'm looking into. I have orgonite generators and though they help with other types of electromagnetic frequencies and geopathic stress, they've done little to stop the ELF wave interference. Others around me don't hear or feel the ELF waves at all or, if they do, for them it is a minimal interference.

I feel them quite acutely and pretty much constantly, particularly on the left side of my head and particularly at night when lying prone. A white noise machine helps eventually, by blanketing the rhythmic on and off of the ELF waves with a more uniform sound. However, my favorite sound when I'm wanting to sleep is silence so it's not a perfect solution for me and I only use it when the vibrations are so loud that I cannot rest.

Health Disclaimer: While some notice true improvement with the use of homeopathy remedies such as Bryonia and Lachesis, they are not represented as a substitute for proper testing and treatment. The health information on occipital neuralgia on this page is not intended to replace medical testing or evaluation, or medical treatment your doctor may advise.