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Is Deeksha a Scam?
The Oneness Blessing Controversy

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Deeksha Scam Allegations - The Oneness Blessing Movement Attacked and Accused of Being a Spiritual Scam

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In part one of this article, I shared my direct experience with what is called The Oneness Blessing.

I am aware that there are those who don't share my enthusiasm for this experience.

For me, Deeksha was delicious, spiritually helpful and clear. For others, the ones who are putting forth the Deeksha Scam information online, it feels like a scam because of the cost of training to be a Deeksha-giver and because of claims of Godness that the originators and promoters present.

Is $7,000 plus too much for spiritual training?

Well, it certainly would be for me. Since I've only received the Oneness Blessing from one Deeksha-giver so far, I cannot really say why so many choose to go to India and become Deeksha-givers.

I would suspect some do it for ego reasons, as would be true of any other choice to spend $7,000 on an experience.


The Divine will burn alive the ego that attempts to use Universal Lifeforce Energy inappropriately.

Personally, I've never been one to hold much stock with what a person thinks they are doing. In other words, it doesn't really matter to me what a teacher or healer might claim about themselves. Any healing facilitator I've ever known had some ego in the mix of what they did.

What matters to me is my own experience with an energy system, with the energy being transmitted beyond the vehicle of the person serving as conduit.

In my case, the gridline of energy that opened for me when I received the Oneness Blessing was pure and sweet. It helped me create positive change and it did NOT help me become addicted to the process or hypnotise me into wanting to go to India for the training. It felt like a gift, given with no strings attached.

I'm of the awareness that any spiritual experience will be received through the filter of the entire being, including the personality self / ego and all it's belief systems so I can see why any experience could vary widely among those who participate in such a ceremony.

In the end, you can either have the experience and judge it for yourself or you can read all about it first and then decide whether to have it.

I've provided information below on both sides of the issue. The first site is the official site for the Oneness Blessing Movement. The second is the most aggressive of the websites holding the Deeksha scam position.

Spiritual Wellness Disclaimer: The information here is mostly based on my direct experience with the Oneness Blessing, or Deeksha. Spiritual acceleration and enhancement resources are useful at different levels of the awakening process and only you can decide if the Oneness Blessing is something that would serve at a soul level for you at this moment.