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What is Oneness Deeksha?
What is the Oneness Blessing?

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The Oneness Blessing for Spiritual Awakening - My Deeksha Experiences


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Is the Oneness Deeksha a scam?

Back in 1996, I became aware that the religious boundaries between churches and faiths was softening around all it's edges and that the most spiritually aware within each major path of Spirit were beginning to receive information that was for everyone, not just those of a particular faith.

These days, these amazing days on earth, there is such an outpouring of Spirit. I don't think we've seen such a huge emergence of different gifts for humanity, of an energetic nature, since Pentecost. One such tool for spiritual awakening is the Oneness Blessing, also called Deeksha. I had heard of Deeksha a year or so before experiencing it myself, through a friend who attended Oneness Blessings in Ashland, Oregon. When I got the opportunity to experience this Blessing, I eagerly accepted the invitation. I received the Oneness Blessing about four times, once per week, while I was working as seasonal staff at the Omega Institute in New York. Each time was unique; each time was powerful.

The Oneness Blessing springs forth from India, from the Oneness University of Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan. As the name implies, this particular frequency and dispensation of spiritual energy is designed to bring about a state of Oneness for those who receive it.

Spiritual side effects of receiving Deeksha include more peace, happiness with no cause (in my case, spontaneous laughter that tickled my cells), the clearing up of health issues, clarity about your path or immediate life situation, a dropping away of what really doesn't matter anyway, and more of a connection with God.

I experienced all these effects except for the clearing of any health issue that I was aware of at the time. I definitely got clarity very quickly around my life situation (which led to some uncomfortable and necessary changes) and also felt (and still feel months later) more at peace with my world.

How is the Oneness Blessing Received?
The procedure to receive the Oneness Blessing is quite simple. The facilitator (who will have gone to India for 21 days to train to transmit the frequency) stands in front of the recipient and connects with them, usually by asking the recipient to stare into their right eye, and then the recipient sits. >The practitioner places their hands over the crown chakra and the transmission happens.

The first time I received the Oneness Deeksha, I felt my human personality go up through the top of my head, as if I were being emptied completely out of my body. I then felt a Divine influx of energy into my body. It was supremely delicious.

The next Oneness Blessing ceremony, while I was standing in line to go up, I suddenly felt both Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan at my left side. I felt such love coming from both of them. The third and fourth times, I just received a pure download of joy and laughed and giggled from my soul for a long time afterwards.

If you get the chance to experience the Oneness Blessing, I'd recommend it as a tool of spiritual awakening and also as a tool for recognizing more fully how we are all related, all One. Try it for yourself. It may truely be a blessing.

Spiritual Disclaimer: As far as I know, the Oneness Blessing is not a religion nor is there dogma attached to it. For me it was simple, direct and a blessing. It if does not resonate with you, I respect that. I also know that, as is the case in any movement, there may be those who are not working with this energetic gridline in a state of balance. Be discerning with your spiritual path.