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Inner Child Healing and Reclaiming
Remembering Who You Are

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Ask A Healer Inner Child Healing Series

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Reclaiming your Innocence, Joy and Mission


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Healing the Child within has been one of the most vital aspects of working with healing energies, in my own life. Reclaiming that part of myself was significant to my Path in many ways. This article tells more about the process of rediscovering our original essence.

What is Original Essence Recovery? Do you remember who you are? At birth, you were a fully conscious being of Spirit. You knew your purpose and your potential. Is that knowing still vibrant in you?

Healing the Pain of Your Past
If you don't recall who you came to be and what kind of life you came to experience, it is because of distractions that occurred between the time of your conception, and age seven. Your truth has been clouded by others, and a part of you has shut down.

This is normal, a necessary component to the experience of being human, and the journey of becoming Divinely Human. If you are reading these words, it is reasonable to assume that some part of you has decided to face the challenges of your lifetime.

Some part of you has agreed to notice the influences of those who surrounded you during those formative early years parents, relatives, baby-sitters, friends, enemies, physicians, and religious role models and learn the lessons within having chosen those circumstances to distract yourself.

Some deep part of you may have decided to explore avenues of healing and releasing non-progressive patterns of thinking and behavior. "Original Essence Recovery" is a process of assisting you, at a cellular level, with the decision to be who you came to be.

As with all my explorations into Etheric Alchemy, each inner child session has been different, Spirit-directed and addressing the level of transformative shift needed at the time.

If there are physical manifestations of imabalance, the energy may direct itself toward Co-Creative Healing of the organs or body parts involved; if it is time for submerged memories to emerge and be released or integrated, then contact is made directly with your memory of yourself as a child, at the point of trauma.

The child within is encouraged to express and release anything that has been held. Sometimes, I will serve as a channel for the child. Other times, you will receive memories directly.

Sometimes, and this is a joy, there is no pressing physical or emotional release to be experienced and no resistance to be with and allow.

Spirit has sometimes led someone to me so they may receive a message, a vision, ancient memory, or spiritual acceleration through direct energy transfer. As we heal, there will be more and more work at this level but I understand and accept that the other clearing is just as necessary.

To receive pure Spirit energies when the physical, mental, or emotional bodies are blocked can be very traumatic to the system and I prefer a more gentle approach.

Working as a partner in etheric alchemy, a healing facilitator in the field of inner child healing holds the intent to support release, at a cellular level, the emotions and memories that have surfaced and are ready for release.

Suppressed memories and blocks to energy are not only in the mind, but stored in the body tissues. A healing facilitator may see old patterns of imbalance in the cells themselves.

For permanent healing, this combination of memory recall, full expression (in a loving environment of support, comfort and validation), and body-based, Spirit directed cellular release is the most effective way of bringing the past forward and healing the past that I've ever witnessed.

Having said that, I'll also say that the past can be instantly healed without having to remember anything at all. I'm not sure what it is within us that sometimes needs to bring the past forward to relive it in a safe environment .... I just know that finding that safe sacred space can allow whatever has been suppressed to finally have expression and something about that is very healing.

Traditional therapy has also been very valuable for me, personally.

I think counseling and the traditional therapy route may provide benefit by allowing the adult you are now to talk about and begin to understand the source of negative reactions and patterns. Still, there are those who cannot heal the past, even after extensive counseling, therapy, or hypnotherapy.

This is where "Original Essence Recovery" or inner child healing may help. Through healing of the mental, emotional and physical bodies, the way is cleared for higher frequencies of spiritual energy.

Healing the Child within is a process, requiring commitment. A relationship of trust must be built between the healer and the child, as well as between the child and the adult self.

The rewards of the work are many, including re-connection with your true self a joyous, spontaneous, creative, and unconditionally loving being remembrance of your path and clarity about your life, clearing of negative patterns, healing of family relations, and bursts of energy that may amaze you, regardless of age.

Symptoms of Original Essence Repression

Persistent, unexplained numbness, ache or pain, in one part of the body. Tapping feet or rocking absentmindedly, particularly during times of stress or worry, or to fall asleep. Obsessive spatial needs, either to be alone or always around people. Struggles with even minor decisions, like what to wear or say. Screen memories - a scene that stands out, as if frozen in time, with no memory of what happened before or after.
Physical symptoms that may show improvement? Colitis, irritable bowel Migraines Stress Depression Sleep/breathing disorders Ulcers, hernias, acid reflux Compulsive/obsessive, co-dependent behavior Skin disorders Premenstrual syndrome, frigidity, impotence Eating disorders

How do you know if inner child healing is important for you?
An exercise for communication with the child within

Original Essence Recovery: While not intended to replace any needed mental or emotional help of more traditional types which may be indicated, I have seen miraculous healing occur when one takes the time to simply create Sacred Space for the child within, in the presence of a Lightworker who knows how to facilitate cellular release. I do this work and there are also other healers who do. Search for a healing facilitator in your area or, if it feels right to your Spirit, read more about my approach to healing the inner child.

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