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Parenting through the planetary tipping point


This is part of a series on parenting in spiritually vibrant times with accelerated energies. It may be helpful to read about critical mass and your children before reading this section.

Parents these days are facing amazing challenges. If your preteen or teen has been struggling with the global shift and transformation of this planet, there are ways to energetically assist them.

Perhaps, you house an Indigo Child? If so, you may feel quite at odds as to how to best assist a being more spiritually advanced than other children they must interact with in school or at home. Even if you did not birth an Indigo Child or one of the children of 1996, chances are that all children in your home have been impacted by recent events like school shootings, home foreclosures, unprecedented weather events that have devastated entire communities, terrorists attacks, etc.

What Parents Can Do:
Maintaining any sense of stability and security in the home, when the entire world seems to be coming apart at the seems, may be a challenge for today's parent. Even the spiritually aware parent may struggle with children who feel uneasy in the world at large. When teens act out in behaviors that are dangerous, it is often because they don't know what else to do. The energy of what they are feeling becomes too large to contain.

One way to spiritually transmit an accelerated energy for your pre-teen or teen who may be struggling is to spend time outside their room while they are away, energizing the room with love. Intent is important, so there should be absolutely no attempt to force the energy on them or mentally influence their choices or behavior. This type of mind control would be an invasion of their privacy, a form of manipulation, and would probably be met with increased rebellion or a weird sense of being uncomfortable in their own room, which may have been, up to that point, their only haven.

They may choose to be away more or to avoid you more, if you try this approach. In particular, this may be true if there has been a past history of searching their room (as might be the case if there has been a suspicion of drug use) or there has been any strong resentment expressed when you have entered their room while they are away. Respecting their wishes for privacy as much as you possibly can is an important aspect of creating a healing atmosphere for them.

The purpose of energizing the room is to generate the highest level of accepting, non-judgmental and loving energy you are capable of transmitting, while holding a loving image of your child in your mind. It may be helpful to hold a favorite article of clothing and touch the door of the room.

Release all negativity attached to past behavior and remember them as newborn babies, how charming and sweet they were! Recapture their innocence and your sense of unconditional love for them. The idea is acceptance, not judgment. Allow acts of negative behavior to come to mind. As each memory surfaces, forgive and release. Let your child know, on a spiritual level, that you have forgiven that act and will not carry it's memory into the future.

Search your mind for a good memory, a happy moment from the past, and let that memory replace the one you have chosen to forgive and release. Allow your child to stand free of all past behavior, in your mind, and tell them, on a spiritual level, that they are free to create a new way of being, without guilt or shame for past choices.

Send out, from your heart chakra, a beam of love and light into the room. Ask that this heart energy dissolve the past feelings and to fill the entire room with love. If you are able to do this, to let the past go, perhaps your child will feel the difference. They may want to be home more and, at some point, they may feel safe enough to talk to you about their struggles. Eventually, communication may be opened.