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Help for Reducing Psoriasis Symptoms


Natural Psoriasis Remedy

Featured educational resource: The National Psoriasis Foundation: OUR MISSION is to improve the quality of life of people who have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Through education and advocacy, we promote awareness and understanding, ensure access to treatment and support research that will lead to effective management and, ultimately, a cure. Learn about how psoriasis is typically treated by your doctor as well as about natural psoriasis remedies that may be helpful in reducing symptoms of psoriasis. From the holistic health perspective, what is needed with any chronic condition is support for the body to do it's natural job of healing.

One important aspect is purification of the blood stream. I recommend PureZyme, one of the most powerful blood and liver purifiers I have ever found. Another wonderful detoxifier, not just for the blood but for the entire body is Essiac Tea. Remember, though, that the condition you have is a sign of internal toxicity and when that starts healing, your skin may temporarily look worse. You have to hang in there for permanent healing.

Traditional and non-traditional options:medications for psoriasis:

1. Topical creams such as Clobex (Corticosteroid) or Elocon (topical steroid) - side effects of prescription creams for psoriasis may include burning, itching skin, changes in the color of your skin, bruising easier, thinning skin, etc. Please note that steroids may become less effective over time. More serious side effects also possible so have your doctor go over risk vs. benefits.

2. Phototherapy - the use of ultraviolet light on psoriasis patches. Please note that psoriasis may actually get worse with phototherapy before it gets better and that it must be done regularly to be effective.

3. Nutrition - This is actually one of the best ways to help overall health as well as conditions of the skin. Since the skin is our biggest eliminatory organ, issues with the skin point to toxicity within. A healthier diet just makes sense with any skin condition. Cutting out junk foods, citrus fruits and red meat is a good place to start. I'd also look at doing a liver cleanse since there is a supposed link between liver function and psoriasis within the holistic health community.

3. Sun and Water Therapies - Simply spending more time in the sun and drinking more water may be helpful as well.

4. Prescription drugs - Drugs that are ingested, such as Gengraf. Gengraf has a frightening list of potential side effects such as increased risk of skin cancer in those who previously had UVB therapy (and, I would assume it might also hold true for regular sun bathers - ask your doctor) as well as blood pressure issues and kidney problems.

Other therapies I see mentioned online but don't know a lot about include various laser treatments and the use of tanning beds. I'd talk those over with your treating physician.

Resources on Psoriasis: An alternate resource with information on psoriasis treatments for chronic plaque psoriasis as well as other types of this skin condition. I also found information on other skin conditions such as ringworm and jock itch, as well as pictures and information on Erythema Multiforme on the American Family Physician website.

The University of Iowa has a remarkable collection of information on skin disorders, in alphabetical order for easy reading. Unfortunately, since I added a link to a page on psoriasis treatments there, I've noticed they've restricted most of their information now. It is not readily available unless you are faculty, student or staff. Unfortunate. There is an email address on one page where it also says that some of the information may still be available online so you might try writing the librarian and asking if that is true.

Natural Topical Creams for Psoriasis: If you have concerns about the potential side effects of topical steriods and cortisteroids, I'd suggest reading about natural psoriasis remedies like Psoriasil and Skin Dr. from Native Remedies. I really trust this company. I believe they have some of the best products out there. The cream should help with reducing external symptoms while the other products mentioned will help cleanse from the inside.

Non-physical implications of physical conditions are a strong focus here at the Wellness Library. Stressors that create illness in the body almost always are preceded by emotional, mental or spiritual imbalance in some area of one's life. Skin conditions are no different. There may be an important spiritual message from psoriasis that, once understood, could help facilitate healing.

Health Care Disclaimer: Psoriasis treatments are not without risk. In particular, if your doctor suggests steroids for controlling psoriasis symptoms, please discuss the longterm risks with your doctor and your pharmacist.