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I used to participate in metaphysical, new age and psychic fairs ...
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Mostly, I attended as a healing facilitator and not a psychic reader. Since healing facilitators were never as busy as readers at psychic fairs, this gave me lots of time to observe the readers. In sharing this information here, I am not knocking psychic readers. After all, I have worked in that venue myself.

I think all of them, even the so-called bad ones, provide service that is divinely aligned with the specific needs of those who are drawn to receive readings from them.

This information will be useful to those who have decided to take a more active role in deciding who they choose to assist them with spiritual guidance and can help those who have trouble discerning energies to start becoming more discerning about card readers, intuitive readers or healers.

Psychic Readings - Real or Hype?

A person will unconsciously be drawn to what they can receive at any given time. Sometimes, a person may need to hear exactly what they want to hear, whether it's true or not, and they will choose a psychic that will deliver that need. Others may be ready to hear exactly what they need to hear, whether they want to hear it or not, and those may find their way to a different kind of psychics. For yet others, it's just about playing with the idea and it's safer for them if the psychic just tells them a few neat things and peaks their curiosity about psychic realms.

I much prefer working with vibrational energies than doing card readings, or even intuitive readings, because it's a more direct way of getting to core issues. The mind can often be calmed and surrendered for a bit, as healing work is facilitated. However, not everyone is at the level where they can let go enough to let the energy do it's job.

Sometimes, a person may be afraid to have healing work because of the level of vulnerability it entails so, for them, a psychic reading may be the safest way to begin to explore healing energetically.

On occasions where I attended these new age fairs and other metaphysical events as a reader rather than offering Reiki, Reflexology or Spirit Journey sessions, I was often asked to help people with various areas of their life that were challenging or confusing to them. I believe, at those moments, I provided the spiritual service those particular folks were ready for, and that was not a hands-on healing session.

Are you blocking the psychic?
Other times, energetic spiritual healing is not possible because of blockages of the mind. We often think we know how things are and that is how things are. The mind must be addressed from a conscious mental approach in those cases. Satisfying the mental body can sometimes pave the way for later cellular awareness and healing.

Fear may also stop a psychic reading in it's tracks. Sometimes a person will come to a psychic reading with a huge fear of hearing an answer they don't want to hear and this can block the reading too because it's all free will. Any psychic with integrity would never intrude on a person's private thoughts unless invited and sensing an openness. Another way a reading can be blocked is if a person comes to the reading subconsciously unwilling to hear anything but what they want the answer to be. Where can a psychic go with that?

Finding a Dependable Psychic: That might seem like a moot point, given the reality that we always draw what we need but there is another aspect of conscious creation which says that we can change our habitual result by consciously changing our intent.

If you found your way to this article, it may be due to the fact that you wish to change the result you have experienced with psychic readings in the past. That wish of yours empowers you to do just that. So how do we determine if a psychic can give us an accurate reading? Even though I see value in readings and intuitive readings in particular where no cards are present, I also see that some psychics have mistaken above-average skills of observance for true psychic ability.

This sort of body reading and reading of the non-verbal reactions on the face and even in changes to temperatures of the skin when doing the reading, provide subconscious signals. A psychic who relies on these subtle signals may be completely sincere and, yet, may only bereading the energy body of the person. If so, the answers may typically be tainted - colored by that person's own will, areas of resistance, conscious and subconcious expectations, belief systems, and patterns of cellular suppression.

Dangerous Psychics: The only type of psychic I consider to be truly dangerous (and again, if that's what your soul needs, you will be drawn to that type), is the psychic reader driven by ego and a need to be right.

You can spot them easily because they can't help but make dramatic pronouncements that leave no room for another opinion, nor will they offer any guidance that might shift the potential they see. It's fate, as far as they are concerned. Nothing to be done about it.

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Psychic Guidance Disclaimer: The information contained in this article on psychic readings is not meant to take the place of your own inner knowing or means of spiritual guidance. Any action taken based on psychic readings is at the sole discretion of the reader. Please consult with your chosen spiritual advisor on matters relating to your spiritual health and well-being and choose carefully those you may wish to consult on spiritual matters.