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considering seeing a psychic? how to get a good reading

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Is Your Psychic Sharing Information That Matters? Quality vs. Quanity of Psychic Information.

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This is part of a fairly comprehensive article on psychic readings and psychics. Topics covered in this series include how to spot a psychic fraud, how to get a good psychic reading and the earmarks of a genuine psychic.

To get the full impact of the information I'm sharing here, please start with about psychics, part one

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Hallmarks of a genuine psychic - high-level psychic readers do not relay a lot of trivia

Over time, while working as a psychic intuitive, I learned that most things don't need to be said. When tapping into the levels of consciousness and etheric fields of those seeking guidance a psychic often accesses truly useful information; there is also lots of miscellaneous trivia that doesn't bear discussion. One of the earmarks of a genuine psychic is that they tell you something you didn't know and open potential in a way that is enlightening and important for you.

One valid reason for sharing trivia might be if the person getting the reading is nervous and the psychic wishes to set them at ease by starting with small bits of information that have no emotional charge for the person. For the psychic to pick up on the fact that you want a red Corvette is a lot easier to hear than that there seems to be a crossroads for a relationship showing up.

What someone thought about a particular meal for dinner that night may be psychic trivia whereas guidance on a particular food that might be aggravating a health condition could be very useful information to share. Transient emotions about some person or event are often psychic trivia. Emotional information with a large charge around it may not be trivial but a pattern that is hindering some aspect of the person's life.

A good psychic doesn't need to run off at the mouth, spouting every detail they see. They learn to wade through the psychic information that abounds in every person's etheric field and ferret out the information that is truly significant.

If you get "I see you driving a red car" and you own a red car, that might be impressive but it isn't particularly useful; it's psychic trivia. On the other hand, if the psychic picks up that you need to check your brakes and, when you check them, you find a problem with them that you were unaware of, that's useful. I learned this same lesson as a healing facilitator. Not everything that is released, at a cellular level during a session, needs to be spoken out.

In the example about the bacon I shared in an earlier part of this series of articles, that was just the recent history of the person I was reading. She had made the correct choice for herself in choosing not to have the bacon so there really wasn't any message to be shared. We did have a good laugh over it though, and everyone knows laughter is the best medicine. Soon, I became more confident and could discern when Spirit was moving with a message to be shared. I learned to notice the energetic difference between etheric debris and trivia, and something that was significant. Useful information has more weight, energetically, and is more present than the trivia, more stable in the consciousness.

Discerning Drivel from Significant Findings:
Another way to discern trivia from significant information is through the linear timeline. Old, traumatic memories that surface are rarely trivia. They carry a lot of weight and typically have energy around them that is emerging for healing. Sometimes, that healing requires witnessing. I remember a reading where I began speaking to a young man. I told him I saw him as a little boy, in a round, metal washtub and he was being scrubbed painfully by an angry, older woman. That young man did not tell me anything at the time of the reading but later, I learned that his Grandmother was that woman and the event I saw really happened, more than once in his childhood.

What happened in that moment was that the energetic energy around that painful time shifted and began to heal for him through my witnessing for him, in compassion. Additionally, at that moment, he became a believer in Divine Intervention. That connection led to a great deal of spiritual awakening and spiritual healing for him. If I had allowed my doubts to surface and asked him about what I was seeing (did he remember? did it make sense to him? etc.) or questioned him in the midst of it, we would have gone into a mental process that would have interrupted a cellular release in his body that helped him start to heal.

I remember another reading with a woman. I was just sitting, holding her hands in mine with eyes closed and connecting, when my face suddenly turned sharply to the right and I gasped, opening my eyes. Looking across from me, I saw her face was turned as well. I blurted out that I had just been slapped. I closed my eyes again and saw her as a child. She was sitting on a floor, in a kitchen, in the corner, watching. I could not see what she was watching but I spoke out what I saw. Keep in mind I knew nothing about this person besides her first name. Afterwards, she said that she had remembered watching her mother and father fighting, from where she had sat in the corner, on the floor, in the kitchen. There was a tragedy that happened that day. The cellular memory of that began to be released from her body during that reading. I saw her years later, and she looked wonderful.

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Psychic Guidance Disclaimer: Just because a psychic looks at you a lot during a reading, that doesn't mean they are not real and able to provide useful information. I am only pointing out that a person doing readings for money and entertainment value will look at you a lot more than a person who is in it for spiritual reasons, because they will need to more carefully gauge your reaction and also to be able to pick up body language and facial cues. Their livelyhood as an entertainer depends on a good response. No judgment here, just pointing out the difference.