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Where is the Psychic's Focus? Are they reading your energy field or just your behavior?


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This is part four of an article series covering the practice of psychic readings and the psychics who perform them. Topics covered in this series include how to tell if a psychic is real, how to get a good psychic reading and signs of a true psychic vs an entertainment psychic.

To get the full impact of the information I'm sharing here, please start with are psychics real?, part one

One of the earmarks of a genuine psychic is that the information does not appear to be coming from astute observation but from a higher plane of awareness. It is a fact that there are those who are adept at reading facial expressions and body language. How do you tell if a psychic is real or just reading your reactions?

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High-Level Psychic Readers Barely Look at You, as a rule (there are always exceptions)
Whenever I see a psychic staring constantly and intently into a person's face or watching their body almost the entire time they are reading, I begin to question their level of psychic skill. Again, there may be more than one reason for this.

Drawing from personal experience once more, when I did readings with people I typically either had my eyes closed almost the entire time, off to one side or the other, or focused on the cards in front of me. This was a spiritual choice, to avoid any chance of picking up information from the facial expressions or body language.

When I did look up, it was with spiritual intensity to bear home an important point. I was not looking for an answer or confirmation of what I just said, in my gaze. I was connecting and vibrationally backing up what was just revealed in the reading or I was looking to see if the remark had hit home with the person it was intended to reach.

Typically, with a beginning psychic, I see a lot of looking at the person as a way of gauging how the information is being received. This is another form of insecurity.

The new psychic may fear that they are confusing the person or giving information that is not clear. The seasoned psychic really doesn't care much what the reaction is. They recognize that their job is to impart the information, not judge it or make the person receiving it, get it all that moment.

Sometimes, meaning does not come instantly. Sometimes, it never comes. The true psychic knows that resistance, blockages and cellular suppression around experiences can all stop a person from understanding all that may be revealed from the reading. Again, a person will only get what they are willing to receive, no matter how accurate the psychic may be.

This is not to say that a psychic will be insensitive to the effect a message may have. I sometimes wished I did not have to tell a person what I had to tell them but they came to me asking for truth and it was my job to give that to them, as it came thru in the reading.

A money-making, insincere psychic will look at you to pick up non-verbal facial cues that will lead them in giving you information that will excite, scare, or otherwise stimulate you.

An Exception to the No-Looking Rule:

That having been said, I've also sat with psychics whose eyes never left my face the entire reading and I never once doubted that I was being given spiritual information of the highest order.

The difference was that the eyes served as a potent, noticeable connection for the flow of information and the psychic hardly blinked. There was no reaction at all from the psychic to any of the information. It flowed out in seamless beauty and had the instant ring of truth.

There is no comparing that experience to any with a person who uses body language or facial expression to read people. If you find a psychic like the one I sat with, hold onto them because they are rare.

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Psychic Guidance Disclaimer: Just because a psychic looks at you a lot during a reading, that doesn't mean they are not real and able to provide useful information. I am only pointing out that a person doing readings for money and entertainment value will, as a rule, look at you a lot more than a person who is in it for spiritual reasons, because they will need to more carefully gauge your reaction and also to be able to pick up body language and facial cues.