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Does Your Psychic Let You Guide the Reading? Spiritual Surrender Critical for Soul-Level, Beneficial Psychic Readings. How to prepare for a psychic reading.


This is part of a fairly comprehensive article on psychic readings and psychics. Topics covered in this series include how to spot a psychic fraud, how to get a good psychic reading and the earmarks of a genuine psychic. To get the full impact of the information I'm sharing here, please start with are psychics real?, part one

This article deals with how to prepare for a reading and what you can do to get the best results from a psychic reading. Read also the earmarks of a genuine psychic:

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Do you go to psychic readings with a ready list of urgent questions? Does your psychic have a rote way of doing readings? Either choice can hinder the quality of psychic information that comes through.

One of the earmarks of a genuine psychic is that they do not attempt to guide the reading. They also do not allow you to guide it.

Spiritual surrender of what the psychic thinks the reading might be about, as well as the surrender of any urgent questions you came in with, can open the way for Spirit to bring a higher message than whatever either of you expected.

High Level Psychics Answer to Spirit, Not You

One of the most challenging moments for a psychic is when a person comes to them with a written list of specific questions that they want answered. In my experience, this is the one of the most unproductive ways you can approach a reading because you want, sometimes very desperately, to hear ONLY certain things.

Remember that you draw to you what you are ready to receive.

If there is a strong level of urgency to the answers you need for that list of questions, your level of need makes it very easy to set yourself up for drawing a psychic that will simply read you and give you what you want to hear is true, or what you most fear but believe is true.

When I was doing readings a lot, I also took people's questions because everyone seemed to want that. Yet, everytime I started a session with a group of questions and felt the pressure of the person's ego toward a desired message, I became more certain that doing so was going against the natural flow of psychic information.

An End To Questions: Finally, I just stopped allowing specific questions altogether until after the reading was complete. Most times, the lists never came back out. I would tell people immediately that they could have their questions but I didn't want to hear them and I would not direct the reading according to any list.

I explained that I did not consciously direct the reading, and that they could not direct it either. I would hold Sacred Space with them and see what messages were there for them from the levels higher than what the ego may have wanted. After the reading, if there were still questions, they could be fielded. Usually, there were not any left that really mattered.

After explaining my way of doing readings to prospective clients at these psychic fairs, many people walked away and sat at other tables, clutching their lists to them as they left, unable or unwilling to let go of what was most urgent in their minds. This was perfect for them at the time because the type of reading I offered was not something that was right for those people, at that time in their spiritual development.

The job of a psychic, in my experience of that path of spiritual service, is to get out of the way and allow the messages to reveal themselves without judgment, personal push or ego-driven pronouncements. Neither the psychic nor the one getting the reading should be in charge. If the psychic reader is clear, open and able to be present fully without ego interference, the right cards will fall and the messages will be clear and clean.

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Psychic Guidance Disclaimer: It's perfectly fine to come to a psychic reading with certain questions you'd like addressed. Spiritual surrender does not mean you can't express about things that are troubling you and seek guidance. Spiritual surrender just means you are willing to let those questions go, if Spirit has something else that is more important for you to hear.