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Earmarks of a Genuine Psychic Series
High-Level Psychics State More Than Ask


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This is part of a fairly comprehensive article on psychic readings and psychics. Topics covered in this series include how to spot a psychic fraud, getting a good psychic reading - what you need to know. To get the full impact of the information I'm sharing here, please start with about psychics, part one. One of the earmarks of a genuine psychic is that they don't have a need to stare at your face or watch your reactions to what is being said. They work independent of your opinion of what is being shared. Another is that they don't tend to play 20 questions before giving any guidance on anything they are picking up.

High-Level Card Readers and Intuitives
Do Not Ask a Lot of Questions

Whenever I hear a psychic asking a lot of questions like "I am getting the letter P....is there anyone in your family whose name starts with the letter P?" or maybe something like "Do you know a Mary or Mandy, maybe a Mindy?", I began to question their level of intuitive sensing and skill.

However, having said that, it is also true that being in a group situation can mean the psychic is hearing a great deal of information coming from a lot of different people at once so it takes a really skilled psychic to wade through everything to get to the part that matters. It's the quality of the question that I notice, more than whether they asked questions before delivering information. I'm impressed when I hear psychics ask about specific, odd things that make sense only to one person ..... I'm seeing a ring with a design on it that looks like an airplane.... not too many people in the audience would relate to that but almost everyone knows a Mary or John, don't they?

Why Psychics Ask Questions: Several factors can prompt a lot of questions during a psychic readings, including insecurity, instability of the psychic connection, resistance on your part (you don't want to hear it) and downright fraud. Insecurity about the gift is probably the single-biggest cause of unclear answers in a psychic reading, followed closely by unconscious resistance on the part of the person requesting the reading.

If you put yourself in the place of a new psychic, it won't be hard to see that a person of integrity would want to be sure they were getting the message right. I certainly wanted to be sure i was receiving the information clearly and my own doubts about that colored my ability to do so at first. When I began doing readings, I had as much insecurity as anybody and more than most. Without being really aware that I was doing it, I questioned everything that came to me. I judged it instantly and if it didn't feel like it fit, I hesitated to speak it out.

One humorous example of questioning the information was when I was not even giving a reading, per se, but doing spiritual healing work. Suddenly, I smelled cooking bacon, so strong that I opened my eyes and looked around me to see if someone had walked up who was eating bacon. Then, I heard a sentence about not eating bacon.

I thought this was so bizarre and couldn't possibly have anything to do with anything so curiosity got the best of me and I asked why I would be smelling bacon? Did that make any sense to her? The lady laughed out loud and said that she had been trying to eat better because of some recent health condition and that, just that morning, she had wanted bacon but didn't eat any. As I developed my psychic abilities, I learned to ignore a lot of the surface stuff that floated up in a reading, recognizing the difference in energy between that and something significant that I was to share.

I can acknowledge that, perhaps, the humorous moment was important in that particular reading. Perhaps it set the lady at ease more. In hindsight, though, I noticed a pattern when these sorts of trivial details floated into the field. Most of the time, it was just an initial influx of psychic information. It became important to know what was significant. I also noticed that my motivation for sharing trivia most often came from my personality self, or ego. I wanted to know what the information meant... and... there was a part of me that was insecure and thought it might best to share everything lest I ignore something important.

Over time, I learned to quiet my ego self (the part that wanted to know "what the heck does that mean?"). I learned not to share much trivia drivel because it tended to disrupt the reading or healing session, which leads me to my next earmark of a high-level psychic. A genuine, mature psychic doesn't read or lead you. They don't need to ask a lot of questions. If you have a reading and, afterwards or during, realize that you are doing most of the talking, answering leading questions, then you could dealing with a psychic fraud. It's true there are those who read body language and vocal tone and craft an amazing reading about your life from asking the right questions, as a business and not as a spiritual calling. A true psychic can have a business. I'm not saying that at all, we all have to make a living some way. I'm taking about those who make it their business to read people for money, without any regard for the message and no gift for guidance. They are, quite frankly, frauds.

Do psychic frauds serve a purpose?
Are psychic frauds ever useful to us? Does Spirit sometimes utilize the energy of a psychic fraud to help us grow spiritually? I believe the answer to those questions is yes. We are always drawn to what we are willing to receive. If deceit is what we need, to perpetuate some belief system or programming we have within us, we will find it. Choosing to get a reading from a pschic fraud may say as much about the person getting the reading as it does about the psychic giving it. This does not excuse the behavior of the psychic fraud but that's their journey not yours, if you end up selecting a fraud for your reading. I'd focus on what I'm learning about myself in that case and leave judgment about what happens to the psychic fraud to a Higher Court.

Part 3: More on why high-level psychics don't drown you in trivia

Psychic Guidance Disclaimer: Just because a psychic looks at you a lot during a reading, that doesn't mean they are not real and able to provide useful information. I am only pointing out that a person doing readings for money and entertainment value will look at you a lot more than a person who is in it for spiritual reasons, because they will need to more carefully gauge your reaction and also to be able to pick up body language and facial cues.