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Housesitting and Petsitting Reference 1


I highly recommend Neva Howell for housesitting and petsitting.

She used to periodically petsit for me, in short periods, from a week to two weeks, and take care of my puppy Cooper. Then, we got Cali cat and she cared for her as well. Later, along comes Woody. About 2 years ago, my job required me to travel a lot so I asked Neva to stay my house and care for my animals and home long term. She's been here for almost two years now.

Neva is quiet, respectful and she keeps all the common living areas very clean. My towels are washed, trash taken to dump and everything looks nice when I come home for the weekends. When she was housesitting on a more periodic basis, my home was always left clean and her sleeping area as if she had never even been there. She completely cleans up after herself. She watches the property and checks on any strange vehicles which is nice since we live out in the woods on a big farm. She is helpful when workers have questions on lawn or property work as well.

Since she works at home, she is there more than some might be and I like that because Cooper has more company. It's not unusual for all three animals to be sitting upstairs with Neva when she's working. Neva takes the boys on walks several times during the day and gives them lots of love and attention. Cooper, Woody and Cali Cat all love Neva. I take Cooper and Woody with me sometimes and when we get back home, they are always so excited to see her.

Renee St. John
Manchester, TN

Housesitting and Petsitting Reference 2


I recently met Neva Howell for the first time when I asked her to housesit for me
while I took a weekend trip. Having never met her before and opening my house up
to her, I research her background before she arrived and found her to be a very
multi-talented lady with an interesting background.

I was not disappointed when I meet her. She was very respectful of my home and
my two dogs loved her. She was very attentive and showed concern for both of them.

She came very prepared for her stay and left my home even better than she found it. You could not even tell anyone had been at my house when I got back. She washed her linens, dishes, and cleaned up anything she used during her stay.

I would use Neva again as my house sitter and would welcome her into my home as a friend. I was very impressed with her manner and she is a very interesting lady whose background is a story within itself.

I would certainly recommend Neva as a house sitter and would say with confidence that she would do an excellent job taking care of your home and pets. I would be glad to be used as a reference for her at any time.

Gail Floyd
Nashville, TN

Housesitting and Petsitting Reference 3


Please let this serve as a reference letter for Neva Howell in any capacity that involves house sitting or pet sitting. I know Neva to be dependable, responsible, courteous and honest. She does a great job and leaves my home the way I left it. In fact, when I arrive home I see no evidence that she's even been there.

Do not hesitate to call me if you would like to discuss this recommendation further.

Dana L. Moss Mobile, AL

Housesitting and Petsitting Reference 4


My wife Kim and I live in Atlanta, Ga, and asked Neva to house and pet sit for us over a recent 3 day weekend, and she proved to be an absolute gem! From the moment she walked in our house, she seemed to instantly feel as if a long time part of our family. You could just sense the nurturing qualities that Neva possesses, and we immediately felt at ease leaving our house and pets in her care.

We have 2 crazy dogs, 3 spoiled cats, and a fish, so it was certainly a handful, but she handled them all wonderfully, and they were happy as ever, with full bellies and tails wagging when we returned. Likewise, our house was immaculate. Neva was kind enough to call us a couple of times each day to let us know that everything was fine, putting our minds at ease and enabling us to enjoy our time away. I canít recommend Nevaís services enough, and very much look forward to welcoming her into our home again in the near future.

Don and Kim Bethune
Atlanta, GA

Housesitting and Petsitting Reference 5


I know Neva as a next door neighbor in north Tennessee and as a friend who house-sat our home and our dog Lady when we lived in Chattanooga. I would definitely recommend and endorse Neva for your home and animal care. She is honest, responsible, mature, caring, balanced -- all the basic qualities of character you would want to have in a person to whom you are entrusting your home and loved ones.

But she is even more than that. Neva is especially sensitive to our inner natures and to the same in animals. She will connect carefully and lovingly with your animals, so their experience will be the best it can be while you are away. That is especially important and comforting. You are welcome to contact me.

All the best,
Corinne Thorsell
(Corinne lives in California now)