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Foot Reflexology for Pain in the Ears?
Reflexology Points Associated with Ears

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Can foot reflexology help ringing in the ears - What is the Spiritual Significance of Right-Sided Body Pain?
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Can Foot Reflexology Help Inner Ear Pain?

Question on health care and healing: I suffer with chronic debilitating tinnitus in my left ear. Can reflexology help me? I also am having problems with my right arm and shoulder and wondered, is it the right foot that corresponds with the right shoulder? Would I rub the pressure point on my right foot to help my right shoulder or is it the opposite?

Healing facilitation response: I will begin with a medical definition of tinnitis and a resource for exploring the current treatments offered by the medical community. However, since I believe most tinnitis is at least partially the result of spiritual acceleration, I'll also address that further down in my response.

What is tinnitis?

The literal translation for the word tinnitis is Latin and it means to tinkle or ring like a bell. The condition of tinnitis involves hearing sound when no sound should be present, and the person with tinnitus is the only one who can hear the sound that should not be present. Although typically summed up as a ringing in the ears, tinnitis actually sounds different to each person. One person with tinnitis may hear a sound like crickets while another may hear buzzing, an actual ringing sound, tones that seem to come in intervals, or even music.

Whenever I am experiencing symptoms I suspect the medical community might diagnose as tinnitus, I personally hear specific tones that are quite loud and also sounds that are a lot like music. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten up and walked through the house, certain there was a radio on. I've even checked outside to see if someone in a parked car was listening to a radio. Other times, I hear a deep bass vibration that I have learned is probably the result of ELF waves

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Treatments for Tinnitus:

The treatments currently offered by the medical community, for addressing the condition of tinnitis include:
* The use of hearing aids
* Electrical stimulation thru the use of cochlear implants
* Drug therapy
* Masking
* TMJ treatment
* Cognitive Therapy
* Tinnitis retraining therapy

Alternative Healing approaches to ringing in the ears include adding certain supplements to the diet, such as zinc, magnesium, or homeopathics, herbals or nutritional combinations that are targeted toward relieving tinnitis symptoms. In addition, there are many alternative therapies that have helped some people suffering with ringing in the ears. These include craniosacral work (I think this is wonderful work, in general, and highly recommend it for general health maintenance) and accupuncture. For more information on the current approach to treatment of tinnitis, (sometimes spelled tinnitus) as well as information on tinnitis prevention, diagnosis and research, please visit The American Tinnitis Association

The Spiritual Implications of Tinnitis: Skip this section if you are not metaphysically minded.

The left ear, spiritually speaking, corresponds to the right side of the body. The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body so in my energetic awareness, anything above the neck reverses. The ears are literally about how we hear. However, there's an entirely different factor that may be involved. We are capable of hearing so very much more than we know, on a conscious level, we are hearing.

Those with spiritual awareness that includes sixth sense abilities, it is pretty common knowledge that tinnitus-like symptoms are not always a physical problem but a spiritual by-product. Additional Spiritual Messages of Tinnitis

Reflexology approach for Tinnitis: Foot Reflexology is such a simple holistic wellbeing modality that most underestimate it's potential. I've seen reflexology help stress, constipation, menstrual cramps, indigestion, and yes, even ear pain. I would not go so far as to call foot reflexology a natural tinnitus remedy on it's own yet I certainly believe regular reflexology sessions might help someone with ringing in the ears.

How to locate and work the foot reflexes corresponding to the ear: The reflex for the ears and eyes are at the base of the smaller toes. If you take your thumb and press into that area across the place where the toe ends and the fleshy ball of the foot starts, that's the approximate area. I haven't found it too easy to give myself reflexology treatments so I'd suggest seeing a reflexologist for easer, and more effective treatment.

To address the right shoulder pain, you would reflex the points on the right foot. For the shoulder, the reflex is near on the back of the foot, near the top of the foot and goes from the base of the next to littlest toe, down in a circle around that bone on the outside of the bottom of your foot. Hard to visualize, I know. There are lots of charts online. Anyway, I always work from the bottom of that groove to the base of the next to littlest toe for the shoulder.

Right Side Body Pain, Spiritually speaking: The right side of the body is male and often, trouble with the shoulder has to do with responsibility (usually taking on too much) while trouble with hand and arm have to do with balance between giving and receiving, helping and allowing others to help you.

Health Care Disclaimer: This holistic wellbeing information on ringing in the ear is not intended to replace medical attention. Please rule out infection of the ear and other medical situations.

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