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What are the Reiki Achies?
Are there any Reiki Side Effects?

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What happens after the Reiki Workshop?


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It is important to realize that getting attuned to Reiki will have an impact, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Although the degree of clearing, detoxing and energetic shifting may vary from one person to another, most do experience challenges following Reiki attunments. Most go through shifts that are noticable for about 3 weeks after taking a Reiki Class and receiving the Reiki attunements.

During this 21 days, you may experience the flaring up of old emotional hurts and wounds as well as feeling aches and pains and flu-like symptoms in your physical body. In addition, because Reiki energy helps to realign with spiritual core on emotional and mental levels, you may also feel emotionally volatile at times and have difficulty thinking in the way you used to think. On a spiritual level, Reiki will definitely start to shift your perspectives with ease if you do not resist change, and with challenge if you do. I remember what Rosalyn Bruyere told me decades ago, when she ordained the class I was in. I'm paraphrasing after all this time but the jist of it was that once we say we want to take the step to become a healing facilitator, we have issued an invitation for Spirit to use us and Spirit will.

Symptoms of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual resets are such a common phenomenon following Reiki attunement that the term Reiki Achies was coined to refer to it. Why do people have what look like Reiki side effects after getting attuned?

Reiki Clears the Source Connection:
Just as you might pour coca-cola on a corroded battery cable to clean off the gunk so it will function well, the Reiki frequencies clear out gunk in the body, mind and etheric planes. If we have any hindrances to our Source Connection, like unresolved resentment, guilt, shame, anger, hate, self-loathing, lack of confidence, fear about being a healer, etc., it will most definitely surface during the Reiki Achies period after your training and attunements.

Baking soda baths help with the Reiki Achies. So does dancing with the intent to move the frequencies thru the body. Some benefit from drumming or chanting as a means of helping them thru the 21 days of cleansing. Essential oils are just wonderful for lifting mood, calming, or other quick adjustments as they pass the blood/brain barrier when we sniff them, resulting in a rapid result.

In addition to bothersome symptoms like the Reiki Achies, the three weeks preceding a Reiki attunement often includes an opening and enhancement time for spiritual gifts such as clarivoyance, psychic abilities, third eye opening, kundalini awakening and medicine dreaming. I would recommend both a personal journal and a dream journal during this important time. By keeping note of shifts and changes you experience, and dreams that come during the important integration period following spiritual attunements, you will be more aware of just how much your reality is shifting and can also spot areas where you may still see resistance to the shift. One of the best tools for helping with Reiki side effects such as the Reiki Achies is to do Reiki on yourself or to go to a Reiki Master for help.

Suggested Resource to learn more about Reiki: Diane Stein - Essential Reiki

Spiritual Statement of Intent Reiki is presented as an energetic healing modality and not intended to replace any needed medical attention or testing. If you are having symptoms and are not sure if it is due to the attunements or some other medical condition, please be wise with your health.