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Abundance: The New Way

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Should you be a healer?

What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki, a Powerful Catalyst for Personal Health and Healing is written by someone who has been teaching Reiki since 1998. This helpful guide introduces the principles of Reiki and offers practical tips for working with healing through the Reiki energy gridline. In addition to introducing Reiki and all of its uses and benefits, it offers practical guidelines for its use and for the journey of the practitioner to improve his or her own state of being as well as his or her presence with clients.

From the Reiki Principles Author: "Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing system based on channelling spiritual energy through the hands. Taught through initiation, it is extremely effective for treating many health and emotional problems, and brings a profound sense of relaxation and peace. This concise introduction covers the history and spiritual principles of Reiki, how it is taught and practiced and what to expect from a Reiki treatment. The author explains how Reiki can be used in healing in everyday life and how to find a Reiki teacher. Interesting and informative case vignettes are included throughout. "

If you are learning Reiki and receiving the attunements with the intent to work with others in an active, public way, as a vocation, the information on setting up a healing practice and effective marketing for your business may be of benefit.

Is This Reiki Ebook for You?
It's good to sit with information for a bit, and meditate on it. Clearing the mind and just asking if this is the right information for you at this time. One way to discern might be to place your hand over the image for the ebook. If you feel heat, tingling, or any other energetic "hit", that may mean it's the right information. Another way to gain clarity might be to say the name of the author and notice if you feel an energetic resonance.

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Health Disclaimer: Guide books on energetic healing do not replace the value of an in-person class or workshop. I strongly suggest meeting with a Reiki healer and getting Reiki yourself, if considering becoming a Reiki practitioner. Reiki is not presented as replacement for medical attention.