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Do all Reiki Healers see Angelic Beings and / or Spirit Guides when they work?


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Question on spiritual healing: I have been a Reiki healer for three years now. In my entire practice I had many experiences like warmth on the hands, tingling sensations, a piercing feeling, etc...

However, I have never had a feeling of any kind of spiritual presence or any kind of angelic figure in either my dreams or during any treatment. Can you enlighten me and help me find a way to have this experience?

Healing facilitation response: Each person has an individual interaction with and integration of the Reiki energies. The absence of any awareness of spirits or angelic beings doesn't necessarily mean you are not functioning at a high level with Reiki. In fact, the opposite may be true. Sometimes, the higher level transmitters are so well integrated with their oversoul, angelic and spirit aspects that they often do not notice them during Reiki sessions.

The Role of the Healer: One of the most interesting things I noticed when I was doing Reiki Workshops was how differently the energy would manifest from person to person. Some experienced auditory phenomenon while others saw guides and still others only felt temperature changes in their hands or body. Whatever way the energy manifests for you is perfect. Will your experience grow and change as you evolve in your healing facilitation play? Yep, I'd just about bet on it ... and ... whatever is there now (or not there) is fine.

What may happen now is, because you have made a request for help of the Universe, the energy I am happy to witness returning to you (it's always you, even if appears to come from another) can support you in become more aware of any spirits or angelic presences that are facilitating healing during your Reiki work.

Recognizing the presence of Spirits or Guides is a skill you may develop:
One common misperception I see when I teach classes is that someone bases what they should see on what they read in a book or heard that someone else saw. As mentioned earlier, the energy in a healing facilitation session can take many forms and not everyone senses that energy in the same way. In fact, there are many different ways to experience it so you may also be sensing helping Spirits during your Reiki sessions but not realizing it.

For me, one way that I know another healing energy is present is that I will feel more warm on one side than the other, or feel a pressure on top of my hand. Sometimes, I will sense more light on one side than the other, when having both eyes closed and light in the room is equal. I will just get an impulse to move to a certain place on the body and I know that I am being guided to do so. Just because I don't actually see a guide aspect or angelic aspect in the room does not mean those aspects are not there.

You have actually had a lot of experiences which would indicate Spiritual Connection .... warmth on the hands, tingling sensations, a piercing feeling. I recognize all of those and they point to a Reiki practitioner who is definitely connecting when they work. Whether or not you ever actively sense the presence of a guide aspect or angelic aspect, you can trust that you are connecting to healing energies.

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