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Question on spiritual healing: I have had an emotional breakdown. Can I use Reiki if I am physically and/or mentally out of balance?

Healing facilitation response: Since Reiki is just another way of receiving God's healing energy, there is no condition it cannot help the body balance. However, it is not wise to give Reiki to another while in a state of personal imbalance since it becomes easier to take on the pain or energy of the other in your own field and to sense them too strongly for your own good.

Receiving Reiki during times of emotional imbalance can be a safe and often very effective at calming the mind and feelings so that the healer can more clearly see the challenge or thinking which needs to change for healing on all levels to occur and so that they can be clear enough to offer themselves in service again, as a Reiki Practitioner.

Reiki healing also helps balance the auric field in such cases where someone is allowing the energy of others to impact their own energy negatively, which is often the case in emotional disturbances. With an emotional breakdown, of course, there are emotional issues that brought on the breakdown and it is important that you get counseling and help for those as well.

Reiki healing is a safe, pleasureable and non-invasive healing modality that can offer tremendous calming and healing supoort; yet, Reiki is not intended to replace any needed mental health counseling that may also be needed, to help your mind and emotions come back to balance.

Recovering from Emotional Breakdowns:
I've had what I consider to be nervous breakdowns twice in my life. I know how fragile you must feel right now. One thing I learned is that I broke down because what I was bent on creating was not for my own highest good or because I was resistant to some truth in my life. The first time I broke, emotionally, and shut down, it was the result of a traumatic childhood event involving incest, which took me decades to even begin to heal. Another time, I broke over the stress of witnessing the suffering of my family and trying to fix what wasn't my job to fix.

Seems to me that God sort of built in some alarm systems that warn us when we are refusing to live our lives in accordance with what is to our highest good. It's as if our body, mind, and emotions refuse to let us live in a situation where we are not being honored, where we are not following our highest path of service, or when we are allowing others to abuse us.

Another reason the emotions break down is because we may be resisting what is, such as in the case of losing a beloved friend, relative, or pet to death, or dealing with the loss of a close relationship, as in divorce. We "break down" because we resist what is and/or resist what we need to feel about it. After the breaking down of what is not serving, then God is there to help us rebuild into something stronger, more in line with higher purpose and wonderful.

The Intent of your Heart: One thing is certain. You have asked for help and God does not return our prayers to us void. They are answered. So hold that truth to your heart and know that you are not alone and that healing energy is sent to you even now. If you will remember to pray and to allow the tears or feelings just to flow from you into God's hands for healing, you can begin to put your energy field back together. It's a different kind of crying. You simply must remember who you are, the YOU that was before the damage.

Health Care Disclaimer: Although most who experience Reiki healing say that it is helpful for relaxing, letting go of stubborn worries and getting clear on problems, it is not represented as replacing mental health counseling you may additionally need if dealing with emotional imbalance.