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Would you like to learn more about working with Reiki healing energies for better health?


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Should you be a Healer?

Do you feel you might want to become a Reiki practitioner and want to know more about what it would be like to work with the healing energies accessed thru Reiki training? There are numerous books on Reiki. You can order a complete dvd training program from Reiki Master Diane Stein and learn about this healing modality in the privacy of your home, though most opt to also have attunements done in an in-person setting.

It's a lot easier to become a Reiki Master than it used to be. Some feel that is not a positive thing because the rarity and rigour of the original training, not to mention the prohibitive cost, is thought to have kept the Reiki lineage more pure and powerful. In the early days, there were only one or two people who even had the recognized authority to attune one to Reiki and such attunement might cost as much as $25,000.

Now, people even offer Reiki attunements for free. This is a point of controversy because the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui, was pretty adamant in his assertion that Reik should not be given away. He same to this conclusion after having done so. He went out and offered Reiki freely to the poorest of the poor in his area and noticed that the healing received did not seem to "stick" and that the same people he worked with one week, would be right back out on the street begging the next week.

I do agree with Diane Stein that it was time the secrecy and exhorbitant cost of Reiki attunements were loosened so that more people could enjoy and appreciate Reiki Therapy. More people could share it with their friends and family, and spread the healing energy of Reiki.

However, I also see the very valid point that is raised when so many are being attuned quickly and without proper training. I confess to being one of those teachers. For a long time, I was convinced I should attune anyone who wanted to be attuned. I no longer hold that view.

Having said that, I will also say that I fully recognize that each individual is different. There are some for whom a rapid introduction to Reiki may be perfectly correct. One offering for Reiki training that may resonate with some comes from those who also brought us the Silva Learning Method. You can read about the Silva Method of Vibrational Healing Here here.

Reiki has been a blessing for me and I love the energy of it. I feel it is helpful to study with a Reiki Master in person, and to get regular Reik treatments after being attuned. It is a practice. Over time, you learn to recognize the Reiki energy on and in the body, learning the correct hand position for maximum energy flow with Reiki and how to work with the auric field by allowing Reiki energy to flow. These are great skills for anyone who wishes to become more energetically balanced as well as those who may want to be of energetic presence for others.

Spiritual Wellness Disclaimer: Reiki healing is not presented as a substitute for medical attention. While Reiki is relaxing and noticable emotional and physical changes may occur after a Reiki session, energetic healing works on subtle energy levels and is not a replacement for emergency or other medical care you may also require. Most people experience Reiki as a very gentle energy but at times, it can facilitate emotional release that may be quite intense though temporary.