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Feeling Stuck and Stagnant?
Are you Procrastinating?

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Ask A Healer Spiritual Wellbeing Series

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Are you experiencing difficulty focusing? Are you feeling stuck and stagnant? Procrastinating? Find out why.


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Question on spiritual healing:

I am experiencing a feeling of being 'stuck' in stagnant energy patterns (relationship stuff, and non-productive habits).

I have been having difficulty focusing and procrastinating lately, it is something i need to get clarification on soon, as it is negatively affecting my academic performance and my effectiveness in life in general.

If you have any insights, i would be glad to hear them.

Healing facilitation response:

At least one or two aspects of what you are experiencing would be echoed by just about every spiritually aware person I talk to these days. You are not alone.

It is part of the energies of 2012.

Two years ago, (within the linear time illusion) I sold my house and all I owned and basically started carrying a few things in my car, going from housesit to housesit .... waiting ..... and then settling more and more into knowing that the unknown was safe.

I also know that the selling my house memory is just another story I'm telling myself Now. All there is, is Now. That never happened because that would imply a past.

The stories of duality are dropping like flies and the mind is on the verge of insanity from this at times. Duality - then and now. There is no then. It's a story I keep telling myself, only alive in each moment that I bring it back Now.

Of course, the mind losing it's hold on our reality is appropriate yet we struggle. I understand the frustration and feelings of stuckness. On one level, the ego level, it feels like I haven't done anything in two years, period. It feels like I've just been sitting like a knot on a log. This is not true; it's just how it feels.

The shift is so intense for most of us that we have had to simplify our lives to the highest degree, to be able to stand it. Letting go of things, people, belief systems, paradigms, ego desires and anything else that was distracting or complicating our conscious participation in transformation.

Most spiritually conscious folks have let go of planning too, because of the repeated frustration when the slightest plan throws the flow and flux into a tailspin.

It is about watching for the "plan" to appear and unfold instead of making a plan with the mind.

You are not alone in feeling these feelings. I would guess that thousands, if not millions, are feeling some of the same things you are feeling now.

The reason we are seemingly unable to anchor ourselves in any groundedness is because the illusion of time, space, money and all that 3-d stuff is dying, collapsing. A new way of being is here, waiting for us to see and embody.

As sovereign beings, we are releasing the concept of karma and actively re-negotiating contracts with those closest to us, which means many of us are returning home to parents we need to release in our consciousness. Releasing Duality:

We are actively moving toward releasing the duality of all that too, completely terminating contracts and then moving even beyond that idea to releasing the duality of anything that binds us from the illusion of past time, or into the illusion of future time.

We are releasing the duality - this idea that we are both bound by anything like a soul contract and, at the same time, free sovereign masters. We're just free, Now, in the moment, now.

The old structure has to shift and it is holding on for dear life. There are those for whom it is still a semi-solid reality and they are in a huge amount of fear about losing it. The morphic field of that fear is palpable and may impact those on the borders of it's bandwidth so it's vital to stay above the bandwidth of fear.

Conscious Breathing helps. Deeply, consciously taking breath for shifting whenever I feel the edges of that fear vibration coming into my field.

Moving helps too, any movement at all can help me shift. A conscious, slight shift to the left or right can completely move me into a new vibrational frequency.

My advice is to stay in the present moment as much as possible. that is the only thing that keeps me sane.

When I say stay present, I mean that literally. Sometimes I have to say....

I am looking at the computer screen

I am typing

I hear the heater kick on

I smell my coffeee

I feel my toes

Leaping into the comfortable, chronic illusion of future time is not an option any more. We create it now or we don't create it at all ... actually, we recognize that is is created Now. This shift I am committed to, this transformation to remembering ourselves as sovereign beings .... I can feel it in the very air and it is Now. Always Now.

Of course, I'm not the only one saying these things. There are those all over the world who are regularly reporting and helping when the shift energies get so intense that we reach out for assistance and information.

Shift Writers I Appreciate:

Lauren Gorgo's updates

Susan Grace's updates

There are also many others coming forward with great information on releasing duality, releasing story and the energies of 2012. On youtube, search for Mooji, Story Waters, Leonard Jacobson, etc. for great energetic transmissions via video as well.

Spiritual Health Disclaimer: This spiritual guidance is given for those who are struggling with energetic shifts and changes. It is not intended to replace any needed medical attention for mental or emotional imbalances.

The energies of 2012 are global and evidenced by the impact on people as well as the impact on Mother Earth. For those who are actively involved in facilitating a planetary shift, thank you.