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Releasing Negative Thinking
How to Retrain Your Mind

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how to cope with negative people and recognize the signs of being called to heal

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Learning to be more positive - How do I reprogram my subconscious mind?

Question on spiritual healing: How can I release negative energy from the subconscious?

Healing facilitation response: Once, several lifetimes ago or so it seems to me now, my supervisor at work told me a thing that has stuck with me.... He said that the hardest thing to do is change what you are doing now. I thought about that a lot after he said it and realized it was true.

Once negative thinking gets reinforced over time, it can be very stubborn and tenacious. It takes equal effort to release the negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Yet, the very fact that we are able to anchor negative thinking in our minds is proof that we can also anchor more positive thoughts. That's the good news!

I would suggest meditation as one way to help yourself release negative thoughtforms from your consciousness. Even if you can only be still and quiet for a few minutes a day, it will begin to train your mind to be more receptive to your own higher self as well as universal lifeforce energy. If you have trouble meditating, try a walking meditation, focus on your breath for five minutes and build on that time each day. Release Negative Thinking by Retraining the subconscious mind:
As I'm sure you have realized, a lot of the limiting belief systems that trouble us are unconscious. Programmed when we were between the ages of 4 and 7, these subconsious tapes play over and over until we bring consciousness to them and begin to make different choices. But how do you bring consciousness to what is unconscious?

Again, meditation helps because it provides, eventually, a stillpoint within which something can begin to surface for awareness. Good tools for reprogramming our subconscious mind include subliminal tapes or self-hypnosis. I've used both in my life, at different times, to help me reprogram old, ingrained, limited thinking.

Affirm What You want to Create: Another good way to work with releasing negative thoughts is to replace them with positive thoughts. This takes self-monitoring and quick action. The key to success when using positive affirmations is to avoid attemping to force your mind into believing the positive thought. Pressuring yourself to change at a conscious level will only cause further resistance from the conscious mind that, for whatever reason, is defending a position. Instead, just keep replacing the negative thought with a positive reinforcement, over and over, without expection. Over time, the mind will begin to shift toward the correction you are programming for yourself.

Subliminals and Hypnosis as Transformative Tools: Subliminals work particularly well when you are dealing with the subconscious patterns that may not respond to conscious attention because you can't consiously hear the positive affirmations. They are embedded below the conscious listening level but your subconsious mind can hear them.

Even though you can't consciously hear the messages on subliminal tapes, they will still work best when we are also consciously focused on the positive results that achieving your goals will provide in your life. Reading over your desired goals, visualizing them and meditating on them will help the subliminal messages sink more deeply into your subconscious mind.

Important: All subliminals are not created equal. Choose tapes with language that is present-tense, as if your goal has already been achieved. Choose a speaker whose voice you find comforting and pleasant.

Hypnosis tapes are different, in that you can hear the hypnotic suggestions. I find that hypnosis deepens meditation over time, and allow for more awareness of habitual limited thinking. As the hypnotic trance deepens, it is as if self-awareness deepens as well.

Energy Work as a Transformative Tool: In addition, I find that any type of good energy work helps, i.e., therapeutic massage, Reiki, etc...

The physical body is kind of like a geiger counter for us, an indicator of other-realm stress. If we are emotionally, mentally or spiritually stressed, the body will be more tense and the vibration more dense, or slower.

Body work can help relieve the tension and energetic healing work can help raise your cellular vibration.

Release Negative Thinking by Engaging the Power of Prayer: Remember to send out that intent in the form of prayer, asking the universe to support you in your goal and I'd ask for healers to come in your dreamtime and help you there, when the conscious mind is not in the way.

Spiritual Wellness Disclaimer: The information contained in any alternative health care / spiritual healing content on this site is not intended to take the place of personal advice from your counselor or mental health professional.