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Does Being a Healer Intefere
With Your Religious Beliefs?

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Conflicted about doing energetic healing? Does being a healer interfere with your other religious beliefs?

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Do you feel that you have been called to help others heal?
Have you noticed that seem to be picking up the feelings and, perhaps, the pain of others around you? Has your compassionate touch resulted in someone feeling better than they did before you touched them? Do you feel called to work as a healing facilitator but worry that doing this work is somehow in contradiction to your spiritual beliefs? This article explores that question and how to begin the path toward understanding how to work with energies in a good way.

Question on spiritual healing:

I am looking for something but I am not sure what. I believe I am starting to feel pain from my family - not real pain, but a funny feeling like a roller coaster. I accidentally touched my husband's hand, which, unknown to me, he had hurt, and I got a jolt that I wasn't expecting. Later that night when I asked how his hand was, he said, suprisingly, that it didn't hurt much. I am just trying to figure out what is going on. Also, I have experienced some fear that maybe I am being untrue to the religion I was raised in (Catholicism). Can you help me?

Healing facilitation response:
First of all, I have experienced everything you wrote about, and very intensely. Feeling the pain of another, especially one close to you, is one of the first way that healing gifts make themselves known. The fact that you "accidentally" touched your husband's shoulder and suddenly, he felt better, is significant. I suspect that your path involves remembering your gifts as a healer and empath and exploring that potential for a while. You began a journey that you were destined to take.

As far as that feeling of being on a roller coaster, that is also common to those new to energy work. You may be feeling overwhelmed because unconsciously you are using personal energy in a new way, rather than letting universal life energy flow thru you for healing. This is very, very common with those newly awakened to healing.

Religious beliefs and healing work:
I can understand your feelings about your religion. I was raised strict Church of Christ and went thru the same process before I realized that something in me would be forever centered on blending traditions and breaking down the barriers of misunderstanding that keep us all thinking our way is the "right" way. I've found spiritual truth in every path I've allowed myself to walk and I haven't left my Christian path as much as I have expanded the reality of it to include other truth.

Learning to ground energies as a healer:
One thing that will help is grounding. When you feel overwhelmed energetically, drained or weird, go out and put your bare feet on the ground and consciously breathe out the feeling into Mother Earth, asking God to help you release, center, and ground.

Another thing that will help is conscious use of breath. Breathe out deeply, releasing fear, doubt, confusion and stress on the breath. Then, breath in just as deeply, taking in calmness, clarity and peace. Ask, with each breath, that Spirit help you restore balance.

Taking showers after doing healing work, whether you consciously do healing work or not, such as with your husband, will help greatly to clear your auric field.

Free Healing Journey Course Available:
If following the path of the healer or wishing to learn more about working with energy as a healer, you may want to explore the Healing Journey Online Class. It covers all the basic tenants of working with energy as a vibrational energy healing facilitator.

Spiritual Health Disclaimer: The information contained in this article on religious beliefs and empathic sensing is not intended to replace your own knowing or beliefs but offered from my own experience and truth. Each person must seek out their own spiritual truth and knowing. Please consult with your chosen spiritual advisor if you are experiencing things that cause questions about your existing religious belief structure.