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Deep, Restful Sleep Aid
Far Infrared and Amethyst

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please read: potential side effects of prescription sleep aids

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Featured for Healing Rest: Far-Infrared, Reflective Rays, Amethyst Pillow by Crystal Rays. Firm & Ergonomically Contoured for Side & Back Sleeping


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For Restless Leg Syndrome

If you resonate with crystal healing, the Far-Infrared, Reflective Rays, Amethyst Pillow may be something to consider for deep, restful sleep as well as for enhancing spiritual connection during the dreamtime.

The Crystal Rays pillow is ergonomically designed for sleeping comfort. contains 25 pounds of healing crystals and is recommended for chronic pain and for insomnia that is caused by pain or restless leg, or stress-related issues that may be impacting your sleep.

* Reflects the body?s own heat to activate far infrared rays from amethyst stones in the pillow; does not utilize electricity

* The firm contoured design helps align the head, neck and shoulders for more relaxing and restful sleep

* Increased delta brainwaves supports a deeper night?s sleep; increases relaxation

Order the Far Infrared/Amethyst Pillow

Reported Benefits:
Please note: As with any other product, results may vary. Below are a few of the benefits you may receive from sleeping on the Crystal Rays pillow:

1. Relief from insomnia
2. Deep, restful sleep
3. Vivid dreams
4. Lucid dreaming
5. Awakening more refreshed
6. Noticing more energy throughout the day
7. Pain relief

Important Health Care Disclaimer: The Laminar Crystal Sleeper is not presented as replacement for any needed medical evaluation or treatment for insomnia. If emotional issues or stress are impacting your sleep, see a medical professional.