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Receiving Spiritual Gifts in Ceremony
The Nature of Sacred Initiation

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Inviting the Sacred Into Your Life


This is part of a spiritual wellness article on transformative energetic experiences. You may wish to start with part one: Sacred Initiation Experience

Sacred Ceremony, done with focused intent and receptivity, is one of the most powerful ways of strengthening the healing facilitation process as well as the healing and transformation process for the individual. This is an avenue of training that is open to every being in the healing field of sharing gifts.

I want to stress that my having the experiences I have had does not point to there being something special about me, as an Energy Medicine worker. It's just an indicator that I instinctively enter spiritual ceremony with a high degree of openness, to receive beyond what is personal. I specifically intend to receive those higher spiritual gifts that would enable me to walk a better Spirit Path and be of greater service to my Relatives.

Receiving the Higher Gifts
If you would like to begin receiving Sacred training and enter into Spiritual Initiation in an active way, fix your intent before you participate in a group ceremony or private ceremony. Let your heart be open to this idea of receiving directly from Spirit in a way that is for your greater spiritual growth and life path.

The gifts you receive may not be of a nature that you can articulate, but will directly and significantly increase the potency of your healng sessions if you are a healing facilitator and your walk with Spirit regardless of your path of sharing.

I encourage all healing and quantum healing energy facilitators to approach Sacred Ceremony as the spiritual school it can be, and energetically open yourself for the higher frequency gifts. This doesn't mean you stop praying for things that are personal, such as physical healing when it is needed or spiritual guidance when you are struggling. It just means you know there is more to be received, and you further extend your willingness to receive it, even when you don't know what the gift is or how it will come, or especially then.

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Spiritual Health Disclaimer:This article on inviting the Sacred more fully into your life is based on my own personal spiritual journey and may, or may not, resonate with you, wherever you may be on the Medicine Wheel of your own life.

It is not represented as the teachings of any indigenious peoples or Native tradition. I deeply respect the Good Red Road and other Native paths of truth; however, I am on my own path of spiritual awakening and can only speak of my own shamanistic journey.