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Shamanic Baptism and Direct Energy Transfer Experience - What it felt like, to be touched by ancient energy


In the linear unfolding of becoming a healer, which I used to define simply as someone who has dedicated themselves to being of service in the way of Spirit, I was trained in solitude. Spirit dealt with me directly, in focused meditations and in various ceremonies and at various events. I did not then realize what was happening and often felt myself to be in some kind of whirl of energy that was changing me without left-brain awareness of what it was that was changing. My ego self was dancing it's own dance in all of this, which confused matters even more at times. I knew that I often entered a spiritual ceremony or event with an intent beyond mere participation. It was an instinctive knowing in me that there were different levels of gifts to be received and that, most of the time, a person's intent established seemed to effect the level of spiritual dispensation received.

Opening to Divine Touch
There is a certain level of healing, awareness or peace that comes simply by attending a high-vibration spiritual event. This appears to be an automatic result of choosing to be in high-frequency energies. The same spiritual frequencies one might receive by that initial choice to attend a spiritual event can reach a deeper level within a person when that person enters into the moment with the intent to fully participate.

Still beyond these gifts of simple attendance and full participation, there are even stronger levels of annointing that occur when one has the intent of receiving spiritual gifts for their walk of service. This state of mind and heart opens the way for Spirit to release what I call "Training With No Name", or Sacred Dispensaton of energetic knowledge and awareness for the express purpose of enhancing spiritual gifts.

In my path of spiritual development, I chose to learn about reflexology, Reiki, herbology, and other traditional forms of healing; yet, it was the "hidden" school of experience that taught me the most.

The Sacred Initiations I have received include a direct energy transfer that occurred when I held a particular Stone Pipe which I now call Sacred Pipe (in Lakota, this means "Chanupa Wakan"). I call this pipe Sacred NOT because it is Lakota in origin but because of the shamanic baptism and life-changing energy that flowed into me when I held it.

I repeat....I do NOT know the origin of the Pipe but do know with utter certainty that there was a spiritual experience left in it long, long ago, for the right person at the right time. I was that person and it was the right time for the transfer of energy and awareness, for me to connect with the Pipe. The experience was tremendous beyond words and I know it happened because I approached the holding of that Pipe with respect and an open heart, even though I had no idea what was about to transpire. I also know it happened because it was time, yet, without my willingness to participate fully and receive, it may have been a far different experience.

What is Sacred in the Moment?
The air turned electric in that moment and there was a sweet, sweet smell that we all experienced. It filled the room for the briefest of full and unforgettable moments. The gift was given and my life was changed in a good and Sacred way. Read more about this Sacred Experience. To someone else, this Chanupa may have just been viewed with the appreciation we have for incredibly old and intricately carved artifacts but for me, it was a shamanic baptism that ushered in the most massive time of transformation ever experienced by me in this lifetime. The spontaneous transfer of knowledge and energy which occurred that day has enabled me to stand in a certain place of spiritual power, in the face of illness or disease, and specifically in the face of mental disorder.

Other energy transfers occurred through initiation into the Tao, during a SunMoon Dance, two Sun Dances, various church services, meditation circles, spiritual lectures, breathwork sessions, chanting circles, drumming/singing circles, etc. I have additionally received spiritual training directly from various Plant Spirits, as a result of my work with and attention to Spiritual Herbal Medicine.

My non-human teachers have gifted me with medicines as well. I walk with Wolf and Hawk and Frog and Spider. I do not represent myself as any kind of Medicine Woman or keeper of Native traditions when I say that I walk with these animal totems. My experience with them is my own and as individual as I am. It is because I have taken the time to listen, and to receive, that these gifts have come. They are available to any who seek them. Some believe this type of direct energy transfer and instantaneous cellular shift comes only through the direct guidance of an enlightened teacher, guru, or shaman. For many, this may prove true.

For me, awareness is that shamanic journeying and direct energy transfers can occur at any time one is ready, willing, and aware. Being in a high-vibration spiritual ceremony facilitates the process, as does the energy of the teachers involved, but it is the choice and intent of each participant that establishes the degree of blessing, not necessarily the heights to which the teacher has personally risen.

What makes it appear to be the teacher, or enlightened master, who is causing the effect is that the Master will have shifted their own consciousness and stabilized it at a strong, high rate of transformative frequency. This frequency, emanating from the Master, can help those who are ready to attune to the higher frequencies within themselves - the teacher can, in a sense, become an antenna strengthening the frequency of transformation in the field.

At this point, there seems to be a conflict between my experience and my Truth. Although I know the power is not in things or in other people, did feel like "something Divine" shot physically through that Chanupa when I held it. It was a palpable, visceral feeling through my entire body. Still, I know it wasn't the Pipe, or even the energy coming through the Pipe, that changed me. In addition to what I felt from the Pipe, I also felt energy coming into my crown and the entire field around my body became charged.

It was my willingness to be reconnected to Source that allowed the transformative energy to make it's place in my body at a cellular level.

Part Two: Inviting Sacred Initiation in Ceremony

Spiritual Health Disclaimer:The information contained in this spiritual healing article on Sacred Initiation and spiritual ceremony is my own view and not presented as the teaching of any indigenious peoples. While I have deep respect for indigenious teachings, I am on my own path of spiritual awakening and can only speak of my own shamanistic journey. Please consult your own inner knowing when considering the journey of the Shaman, particularly if pursuing the path of hallucinogens or alteratives. These are not without serious risk to the psyche.