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tips for managing separation anxiety in your pet

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Natural Separation Anxiety Remedies for pets who chew, bark or whine


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Pet Calm for Separation Anxiety and Anxious Pets
Natural pet health formula for calming separation anxiety stress. Given to pets before you leave on the trip, or leave for work, Pet Calm may help your animal friend enjoy the day without you.

This is a homeopathic natural remedy for anxiety separation and anxious pets. Because it is homeopathic, it is non-addictive and free of side effects that may be associated with prescription drugs. If your pet suffers from separation anxiety, this natural remedy may help restore calm.

Pet Calm is:
Safe for all animals
Does not interfere with meds from vet*
Relieves acute fear and nervousness symptoms
Supports nervous system health
Soothes, calms and improves emotional well-being in your pet

Get More Info on PetAlive PetCalm for Stressed, Anxious and Highly Strung Pets.

Anxiety Reduction Tip: One of the most commonly overlooked tips for reducing pet anxiety is exercise. If you don't walk your dog or play with your cat every day, try working that into your routine. If you don't have time, consider hiring a dog walker or pet companion to come by the house at lunch and after work to play with pets or walk them.

I'm not a vet and can only speak from personal experience as a pet sitter. One particular, sweet Shih Tsu I pet sit, sometimes has periods where he gets seperation anxiety, mostly at night and during storms. We tried a lot of natural approaches. I mentioned Native Remedies to the owner but I never got approval from her to try the Native Remedies PetCalm -- she bought other natural products during her travels and we tried those instead. I wish I could have ordered the PetCalm to try; I think it might have worked.

We also tried the prescription of puppy prozac but that was terrible. After a few days on that stuff, our normally energetic and fun-loving doggie became fearful, paranoid and didn't even want to play.

What worked for him was about 1/4 of a 25 mg Benadryl tablet. Actually, the dose was just a little less than 1/4 for our doggie's weight. I quartered a pure Benadryl (not the off brands as they may contain other ingredients) and then shaved a little off each quarter. I'd give it to our 8 pound bundle of mostly joy about two hours before bedtime. It helped him sleep. Check with your vet before trying this and, if approved, be sure to ask vet what dosage to give based on your dog's weight.

*Pet Care Disclaimer: Even though there have been no adverse reactions with this product, it is still advisable to check with your vet if your pet is on medications for separation anxiety or any other reason.