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Interview with Sculptor Sean Corner

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Potent Shadow Self Artwork - Deepening the awakening experience through artistic expression

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Those on a dedicated spiritual path are aware of the raw, pure experience of self-realization, Beauty and terror entwined as we embrace the depths of who we are and learn of ourselves on the deepest levels.

Some artists are blessed with a purity of expression that can touch that dark side energy (which is only another way of saying that which we wish to bring to light or "enlighten" within) and bring it into form as a powerful witness for others and as a catalyst for self-exploration and discovery.

Sean Corner is one such artist and I am pleased to share his reflections on the artistic process here at Ask A Healer.

I met Sean Corner at an art show in Pensacola, Florida. I had walked around for quite some time, looking at various kinds of art but nothing had truly touched me. Then, I saw Sean's booth. Both myself and a friend there with me entered the booth slowly, moved around mezmerized, moved out of the booth and then back in again ..... we were both uncomfortable to stay and unwilling to leave.

I had the realization that I was in the presence of something powerful. So often, artists who capture the Shadow Self in their work do just that....capture it. As a result, their work leaves me feeling oppressed and caught in the darkness. Sean's work, on the other hand, is flowing. It moves forward through the dark side Truth with unflinching clarity and illumines the Light Beyond. This isn't just art; it's Soul Medicine.

Dancing with the dark side as an aspect of spiritual awakening:
Anyone truly invested in spiritual awakening will encounter their dark side, the void, the shadow self. Dancing with our personal demons is part of the spiritual journey of enlightenment. Embracing our true limitless nature and spiritual Light is equally challenging for many of us and art can be a powerful catalyst and witness on our journey of self-realization. As a spiritual healing facilitator for many years now, I have certainly had to journey through my own fears, personal demons and dark side.

In fact, it has been in the depths of that spiritual struggle that I have learned the most about myself as a human being having a spiritual experience on earth. I came across an artist recently who seems to understand how to lift that experience into third dimensional form and I am happy to share about his work here. The following is an unedited response to several questions I put to Sean about his work. I hope you enjoy meeting Sean and visit his website, if it's time for you to work with the Shadow Self.

Scuptures Within - An Interview with Sean Corner
Sean's comments, " Sean Corner, All Rights Reserved

Thank you for your interest in my sculpture work. I will try to answer your questions, sometimes though my words are insufficent.

The identity of the self is my main theme in my sculptures. Finding the person inside who is truly your own voice. Speaking through that voice allows for you to be in contact with your essence, the eternal within you. People who purchase the pieces are tying into that message. They realize that they too have had some kind of experience that has unleashed the voice within and therefore that creates the connection. Many times they tell me that they are not sure why they are purchasing the piece but there is something about the sculpture that has triggered an emotional focus in their core being.

The process is just let the emotions flow. Don't predict, don't anaylze, or judge just become the voice of the self and then it does the work of the sculpting.

My own spiritual path is a winding path to be sure. It ties into the sculpting but it is not a serious focus. Like a friend, every now and then it makes itself known to me. Helping, guiding. I love sculpting, it calms me and reassures me that life has meaning and reflection.

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About Sean Corner: Sean sculpts the human figure and face in moments of realization of what is truly found inside. These moments of awakenings are eternal and happen at all times of life in a person's journey. Each sculpture is created in clay and then glazed and fired in a kiln. View Sean's artwork here at Sculptures Within.