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This is part of a series on shamanism, in my personal experience. Not presented as representative of any particular Shamanic teaching. Read introduction: a shamanistic experience. As noted on the first part of this spiritual article, I am not representing anything here but my personal experience. I do not consider myself a Shaman or a teacher of traditional shamanistic journeying. I have great respect for those who stand in the path as way-showers and teachers but the bulk of my shamanistic experiences have not come through that traditional way. That all having been said, I have had experiences that I can only describe as Shamanic and those experiences are among the most powerful moments in my entire life.

The steps I've taken on the shaman path were not initiated by chemical alteration with spiritual plants either although, on numerous occasions, I have connected strongly in etheric realms with those who do use those earth-based methods of journeying. Spirit has come to me in solitude mostly, or as a baptism of experience during ceremony, and I have reached awareness of other realms and teachings through what I call direct energy transfer, or DET. A direct energy transfer occurs when knowing and awareness is energetically transferred at a cellular level, most often in contact with a Sacred Object such as a Chanupa, a ceremonial tree, or other item that has been encoded with specific vibrational frequencies.

The result of my Shamanic experiences:
There was a time in my life, early 90's to 2001 specifically, where I had many a strange spiritual journey. As bizarre as some of them may sound, they were as real as my waking world at the time they happened. In fact, that vibrational field and frequency felt more like home to me than ordinary waking consciousness. Most of the time, I seemed to be yanked into these experiences, full of fear and hanging on desperately to what I thought reality was at the moment. It's funny now but then, not so much. Whether I was having my head removed and all the skin pulled off my body or whether Eagles were coming and chewing out the flesh on my palms to open the chakras there, the result of all the different etheric journeys I've taken was the same. These times of simultaneously being in the third dimension and in other realms had the distinct purpose of obliterating what came before and ushering in new reality.

The vibrational frequencies repeatedly and ruthlessly blasted my old life apart and made it impossible for me to go back to it. Not only were mental, emotional and spiritual constructs blasted but my very cells, my dna, were consistently bombarded with new experience, teachings and accelerative infusions. These experiences have kept me in the unknowing and fluid state of evolving, despite my own vigorous attempts to freeze the experiences into something that could be lived in permanently. I could not fix my mind on a concept before it dissolved and another, deeper level of consciousness began to emerge.

Shamanic journeying shifted my spiritual awareness in ways that can never be un-shifted and eventually led to the loss of everything I thought I held dear, and everything I thought I knew. I can never again "not know" how much I do not know. I find it impossible to exist in reality as defined by third-dimensional law only. I cannot un-see that there is so much more available. There is a saying that a mind stretched to a new idea can never go back to it's former level of thinking. I believe a soul stretched to other realms can never quite go back to strictly third-dimensional living. I believe that, though it may often be extremely challenging to the personality self and highly uncomfortable for the body, is a good thing.

Physical Symptoms of Shamanic Journeying

Spiritual Health Disclaimer: Shamanism is, perhaps, not well-suited to the spiritual tourist. Yet, perhaps it serves it's purpose, even for that one who actively seeks out the shamanistic experience or teacher with ego-based motivations. The very path of the shaman is one that necessarily involves destruction of the ego-bound restrictions and limitations of form. It can be a fiery transmutation and I personally would let it find me when the time is right.