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Potential Side Effects
of Taking the Herb Holy Basil

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Holy Basil Side Effects and Cautions

This is part of a series of short articles by on side effects of natural remedies.

Holy Basil Information: Holy Basil, also called tulsi, is of a class of herbs called adaptogens.

As the name suggests, Holy Basil helps the body adapt and maintain balance.

It is used widely in ayurvedic medicine, as an anti-inflammatory, as a topical for ringworm, and for a lot of health conditions including but not limited to respiratory, skin, teeth and eye disorders, ulcers, allergies and asthma, colds, headaches, earache, flu (including H1N1), etc. I personally used holy basil with good results for stress relief and have seen this herb referenced with regard to diabetes, arthritis, bronchitis and quite a few other health challenges.

When buying holy basil, look for the words "super critical" as this will be a strong formulation.

Side Effects of Holy Basil:
* Taking the herb holy basil may lower blood sugar levels so check with your doctor if hypoglycemic or if on any medications to lower blood sugar levels.

* The use of tulsi may be contraindicated if you are having surgery, as holy basil may affect blood clotting time. You may also want to avoid holy basil if on anticoagulant drugs - check with your doctor if taking blood thinners.

* Although I found some reference to holy basil being useful to induce lactation in nursing mothers, pregnant or nursing women should not take holy basil without their doctor's express approval. Another potential side effect of holy basil may have to do with fertility. Side effects of holy basil in animals includes a reduced ability to conceive. If you are wanting to get pregnant, it might be wise to avoid holy basil since it may possibly reduce ability to conceive.

* Because of it's anti-inflammatory properties, holy basil should not be take together with acetaminophen or NSAID's.

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Health Disclaimer: The potential side effects of taking holy basil, which is different that the type of basil you cook with, listed on this page is a partial list some of the more common cautions and side effects associated with the herb. If you are under a doctor's care for any known medical condition, and specifically if on blood thinners, medications to control blood sugar levels or if attempting to get pregnant, please talk to your doctor before taking holy basil.