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Malva Leaf and Detoxing
Side Effects of Malva Leaves

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Malva Leaves Prescription Drug Interactions – Side Effects


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Precautions to consider when taking Malva Leaves, to rule out prescription drug interactions and herbal remedies side effects:

As far as prescription drug interactions from malva leaves, I have found no evidence that any exist. I did find one reference to avoiding malva if you have gallstones but the reason for the avoidance was not discussed.

Even though no prescription drug interactions or side effects are noted, you should always check with your doctor if on any prescription drug medications. This warning is issued because new drugs are coming out all the time and also, new drug interactions are being discovered all the time, as more and more people turn to alternative remedies as adjunctive therapy for healing.

If pregnant or nursing, check with your doctor before taking any type of herb or supplemental health formula.

Health benefits associated with Malva Leaves:

Malva leaves contain high levels of soothing mucilage so they have been traditionally used to help soothe the pain of sore throats, laryngitis and tonsillitis as well as to address stomach aches, digestive upsets and constipation. Mildy diuretic and laxative in effect as well as having emollient properties.

I have found more than one reference to malva leaves being useful in cases of irritable bowel, colitis and other bowel complaints but would caution anyone already on medication for those types of conditions to check with your doctor before adding malva or other laxative herbs to your regimen.

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Detoxing Disclaimer: Detoxing teas like the holy tea blend can be tremendously effective for chronic constipation relief. There are also user testimonials from people with conditions involving the eliminatory tract, such as Chrohns, where the tea has been markedly helpful. However, if you have any type of colon health issue such as Crohns, IBS, diverticulitis, colon cancer or other colon issue, please check with your doctor before adding Holy Tea to your regimen. I also suggest starting at a lower daily dose til you see how your body will react to the detoxing tea blend.