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Sidney Poitier Casting Call
from the Cosmic Casting Agency

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The cosmic casting call for Sidney Poitier, James McEachin or Denzel Washington


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Broadcasting Amazing Casting Roles: The cosmic casting agency was born because I want to see certain people in certain roles. For some reason, I just needed to express it. There are roles that deserve a strong talent at the helm of them. There are people so unique that any film about them should be carried by the strongest talent that could represent them.

Who is J. C. Stroble? I saw J. C. Stroble on a news special. He is an ordinary fella, living a simple life in an amazingly beautiful way and I would love to see his story on the big screen. So, I'm adding J.C. Stroble to the cosmic casting agency roles and transmitting out into the universe for manifestation.

J.C. Stroble has worked at the same restaurant for decades. He is what's known as the caller for the Beagle Restaurant in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Basically, a caller literally does just that -- calls out orders to the kitchen. J.C. Stroble is a master at calling orders, even creating his own language for some of the orders.

What makes his story so poignant and beautiful to me is that he has been a caller at the Beagle for over 50 years without losing his love of his job or his love of life. And, even though he is legally blind from glaucoma, J.C. Stroble has very clear vision of what's important to him and it's family. He has never lost sight of what is most important to him. His love for his wife and children just leaps off the video I saw, as does his love for life. I want someone to step up and create a movie based on this remarkable being.

Sidney Poitier as J.C. Stroble: When I watched the video and saw the essence of this man, heard his voice, watched him laugh and saw his energy field, I thought of no one more suited to bring this role to life than Sidney Poitier. Mr. Stroble is 70 while Mr. Poitier is about a decade his senior so I'm not sure Hollywood would go for that. If not, I certainly realize Denzel Washington could be aged and could play any role put in front of him and also master that unique Stroble voice.

However, before I went young with it and in case Mr. Poitier is not taking roles right now, I'd lean more toward another man who is also about a decade older. His name is James McEachin. I caught a bit of James performing the old soldier. As I watched him and listened to him, I realized that here is the best choice. James already has the voice and the energy patterns of Stroble, at least from what I can see and he knows how to take his time with a character. That's important for bringing to life a role as sweet as this one. Someone, write that script!!!!.

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