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How to take Pictures
of Spirit Orbs in Your Home

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How to Take Pictures of Orbs. Learning to Work with Etheric Imagery - My Journey Exploring Spirit Orbs

by Marinette Riveira

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This is the second part of a guest article on the subject of orbs, also called Spirit Orbs by those who believe they are a manifestation of spiritual energy. If you've come to this page directly from a search engine search on orbs, then start with: Part One: What are Orbs? In this second half, Marinette shares how she began her journey of learning how to take pictures of orbs with a regular camera in her own home. Just as Marinette did, you may also be able to capture the image of spirit orbs in your home. Visit her website for more pictures of orbs and information.

How Marinette Started Taking Pictures of Spirit Orbs
I went from one orb in a picture, to three orbs, then five and then the numbers kept growing. I've used many different cameras too. I also started getting different colors, and then different shapes.

Some orbs if you look real closely you can almost see wings inside them or even a face. I was totally amazed. I then started randomly taking pictures of people at work to show and see who was around them, and it seemed everyone had something [orbs] around them.

I started doing experiments and having people or myself think or say out loud the names of someone that has passed and then take the picture. To my amazement and theirs, there it was. I'll never forget the first time I tried this on a woman that her husband recently passed away. I took her picture and the orb was right over her heart! I was happy to show her the picture and tell her that her late husband was showing her how much he loved her by landing on her heart.

Everything happened so quickly for me. I realized that if I am going to be doing this, I better make sure that people understand that the orbs are in charge and I am only the messenger.

What if I take a picture of someone and they have no orbs around them? All I want to do is help people. I didn't want to make them feel bad. I prayed on it and I then decided that I'd have a three-picture maximum. I explained to everyone that if nothing shows up by the third picture, then it wasn't meant to be at that time.

You have to have faith. Everyone was really good about that and understood. Funny thing was, I might get orbs in all three pictures, but they would go away if I pushed it to far by trying to take more. [Testing faith]

I found that when people were afraid they seemed to not show up in the pictures until they were ready for it. They definitely respond to emotions, good ones, happy ones, and occasionally when I'm sad they come for comfort. They always show up for special events or holidays. Lets face it; this whole Orb thing isn't just a coincidence. There is something to this. I think that Orbs are Spirits, Balls of energy [which is what we are made of,] and our Angels & guides around us. They communicate with me and they can with you by the pictures we take. They keep showing me new things all the time.

I can now sense them around me more often and sometimes I see flashes of light, which has me running to get my camera. Isn't it wonderful to know we are truly never alone?

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