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What are Orbs?
Spirit Orbs in Sacred Ceremony

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by Alberto Villoldo

The supernatural world does not exist. There is only the natural world with its visible and invisible domains. For millennia shamans have known that life can be found in the visible and the invisible world. We are surrounded by invisible life forms that we can engage with and relate to.

Some of these beings come from the past, and are the spirits of ancestors. Some come from the future, bringing important messages and wisdom for humanity at this critical time in history.

Spirit Orbs manifest most readily within sacred space and during ceremony. Sacred space also acts as a filter, keeping undesirable energies outside of your personal environment. We will learn how to open sacred space and discover the wisdom and power that these forms of consciousness from the future bring to us.

ALBERTO VILLOLDO, PH.D. - "You can only find truth if you seek it for yourself, for the truths of history are the truths of others. But truth is like a mirage in the desert. For us, the task is not to chase truth but to create it. Truth is a stance, an act of power that you bring to all your actions. Truth is what the person of knowledge brings to every moment." More about Albert Villoldo

By the way, the same week that I traveled to Rhinebeck, New York to take levels 1-3 of the Matrix Energetics training, Alberto Villoldo was there, teaching his shamanistic workshop. It was quite intense, energetically, with all that morphic field reconfiguration going on in one place. I never once saw Alberto Villoldo in the 5 days I was there. However, I felt his presence.

Also, and I can't prove this is connected but believe so, just after talking with someone who was taking his workshop, I had one of the most terrifying supernatural experiences of my spiritual life. I believed in entities after that and it took quite a while for me to release the experience I had that night and to remember that no one, and no thing, has access to my personal energy field unless I allow it. It also took a while to remember my Truth about what appears to be an entity being no more than a mindset collective energy that is drawn into space with weak energetic areas. I knew I had a weak energetic area in my field so I eventually understood how that had attracted what appeared to be an actual entity.

I don't know if all that gets opened up during an event of this nature is always for the highest good of the whole but assume goodness will eventually result from what I went through that night as well as the next year after that. I guess I have to trust that those who go to spiritual retreat centers where such a wide range of energies are played with simultaneously must be at least subconsciously willing to risk an overlap of experience.

Spirited Disclaimer: Albert Villoldo is one of many who ascribe spiritual significance to orbs. At the same time, there are many others who dismiss orbs as the result of light fluctuations, camera malfunctions, developing glitches, water spots or dirt on the camera lens, or some other explanation that is not metaphysical or spiritual in nature. I am fascinated by orbs, and appreciate this contribution to the question of what Spirit Orbs may really signify.

Orbs are just one of many phenomenon in 3-d reality that remind me that what I see is not all there is and that The Space Between Things may hold entire universes.