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What do you do when all hell breaks loose?
Instant download ebook about what makes things go wrong and how to overcome roadblocks and gain more control to avoid future problems.

Spots Of A Leopard - a journalist grows up by Aernout Zevenbergen.
"Spots Of A Leopard - a journalist grows up" is a quest to discover the meaning of modern-day manhood. When internationally acclaimed journalist Aernout Zevenbergen moved to Kenya in 1997, he had no idea how deeply his encounters with joy and sorrow in Africa would effect him. Writing about the most inspiring as well as the most disconcerting facets of life, Zevenbergen learns how to grow up.

The Happiness Paragraph by David Alway.
Organize, harmonize, and achieve your own happiness! This book is about redirecting your life to focus on those key issues that increase your happiness.

Ringing Cedars
About the 9 volumen set: This is the entire 9 Volume set of this wonderful series about Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars of Russia! Book 1 - Anastasia; Book 2 - The Ringing Cedars of Russia; Book 3 - The Space of Love; Book 4 - Co-Creation; Book 5 - Who Are We?; Book 6 - The Book of Kin; Book 7 - The Energy of Life; Book 8.1 - New Civilization; Book 8-2 - Rites of Love! This is the second edition and truly guaranteed to change your outlook on life. These books are incredible, awe inspiring and wonderful. We are the ANASTASIA leaders and we love her!

Do you know about the Ringing Cedars books? I just found out about them recently and must say they certainly feel spiritually potent. The stories in these books are true, according to Vladimir Megr, a trader who traveled to the Siberian taiga back in 1995. While on this trip, he met Anastasia and learned about the Sacred Ringing Cedars trees.

Over the time Vladimir was with Anastasia, she shared with him spiritual concepts that changed his life to the extent that he gave up being a trader and decided to write about her unique spiritual perception. Anastasia's words have shifted the paradigm of many and will no doubt affect many others in areas as diverse as the environmental issues we face, the planetary changes that are coming and the personal aspects of living a spiritually balanced life of happiness, healing and co-creation.

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