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Fear of Being in the Flow of Life,
Is it Going to Get me in Trouble?

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Ask A Healer Spiritual Wellness Series

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Spiritual Courage and the flow of life


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This is a series on universal flow and spiritual surrender. You may wish to read the Introduction to the Power of Living in the Flow for better undertanding of the content.

Opening to the flow of life, tip # 4 - Developing Spiritual Courage
How can I be sure I'm in the flow? What if I respond to a moment and it's the wrong thing? If you make a choice while in the flow of life, it will never be the wrong choice. Therefore this kind of fear, often unconscious, is ego-based. Our left brain is amazingly adept at analyzing a situation and can do that so quickly we may think we are getting spiritual guidance.

However, what has really happened is that the ego has run the situation thru a perceptual filter designed to protect us. This filtering process causes the fraction of a second delay which stops being in flow. It is not a divine warning; it is an ego-based alarm. This filter is made up of all our past experiences plus what we've been taught and believe. By the time the left brain does all that, the window for allowing the angels to play has passed.

In fact, a choice has been made to take matters into our own hands and out of the hands of our Higher Beingness. The autopilot response will always be the one that is designed to protect us from failing, from being embarassed, from putting our foot in our mouth, or putting ourselves in the potential path of harm.

Fear stops universal flow or distorts it
I saw this clearly when I lived in Los Angeles and was around the homeless community a lot. I often had the impulse to help but would be stopped by fear. If fear distorts universal flow, how do I develop the spiritual courage, or faith, or trust to move in the flow of life with joy?

For me, it is a process of sensing. Thinking gets me in trouble every time. If I notice how my body feels, it never misses. The first awareness I have of a choice coming toward me, impacts my body instantaneously.

When the choice is in the flow, my body feels relaxed, open, and comfortable. If the choice is one my ego is responding to or that is coming from a frequency that is not in spiritual alignment with the Highest Good, I feel contracted, confused or chaotic inside and I often notice my body physically turning away from the situation, place or person.

However, this is tricky discernment. My body will exhibit similar responses when I have allowed my mind to get hold of a scenario and start running it thru my perceptual filters. The way I tell the difference is the absense or presence of thought. If I contract AND I am aware of having conscious thought that is in any way fear-based, it's probably an ego response. My path of developing spiritual courage, once I realize this, is to make the choice in spite of the fear and see what happens.