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Is Spiritual Hierarchy Real?
What is Spiritual Hierarchy

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We are the ones we've been looking for - Claiming Mastery for our Path


This is part three of an article on the chaos theory, with regard to my walk and path. To get full meaning of this page, please read the introduction to the chaos vs design

Are Some of us More Divine Than Others? What is spiritual hierarchy?

There are several meanings for the word hierarchy so, to be clear, I refer to spiritual hierarchy which is defined as: A body of clergy organized into successive ranks or grades with each level subordinate to the one above. Source: dictionary.com

In some teachings, this hierarchy is delineated by rays of light with certain vibrational potency. For example, Saint Germain is associated with the 7th ray. In Christianity, the Angels are seen as subordinate to the Godhead of Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Below the angels, man is subordinate also to the Godhead and considered below the angels in spiritual hiearchy.

In most cases where I have come across this term, it serves to divide those seen as more significant, influential or powerful in spiritual matters from pretty much all the rest. I've heard the term White Brotherhood used to describe such a division. This term does not refer to the color of a person's skin, by the way but those most aligned with and attuned to the white light of creation, as I understand the term. Those beings recognized as being in the White Brotherhood are seen by others with this belief system and mindest as Masters with a higher view and a higher plan.

In other teachings, I have heard the term Galactic Councils, which represents a group that has a higher plan for earth. The teaching is that these superior beings are orchestrating events from other realms, in the best interest of the rest of us here on earth.

For a while, I bought this whole idea. Well, I'd have to buy it initially since I was raised in fundamental Christianity which taught me that I was such a hopeless sinner that I could never be worthy of God's love and also taught me that God was out there somewhere and separate from me.

When I shook the hand of the Dalai Lama in Indiana, some sort of paradigm shift happened. That meeting was such a reunion for me. I knew that I knew him, really knew him. My cells recognized him, felt kin. In my cells and also, beyond my body, I was aware of relationship. I'm not talking about recognizing a past life connection, although that's how I defined that moment for years simply because I had no other frame of reference for it.

What happened in that moment was that there was a strong spiritual recognition which emanated out from one eternal aspect of God who was walking a particular part of the Medicine Wheel of Life outward to another, on a different position on the Wheel. I felt absolutely no hint of superiority coming from this man. He recognized me; I recognized him. We were both doing what we came to do; walking the wheel in a specific way.

Not one of us is more special or divine than the next, although some among us in every generation choose to step into positions of clarity, Truth and Light that serve to illuminate for others in such a focused way that it garners great attention.

All the great teachers teach this one thing - that the lowest among us, by any standard that measures height or lowness, is as divine as the most divive among them.

We repeatedly ignore this Truth and put those revered teachers up on pedestals anyway.

The Hopi Elders spoke a great truth when they told us that we are the ones we've been looking for.

Jesus hinted at it when he told us the Kingdom was within us.

As long as any of us allow ourselves to be subordinate to another, in spiritual matters, we keep ourselves chained to old paradigms and are unable to step into the mastery of spiritual intention.

If God intended anything for God's experience on earth and in bodies, I believe it must have included spiritual freedom and the recognition of the Divine Light in each and every being.