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Spiritual Intent and the flow of life

This is a series on universal flow and spiritual surrender. You may wish to read the Introduction to the Power of Living in the Flow for better undertanding of the content.

Opening to the flow of life, tip # 3 - Establishing Spiritual Intent
I believe that a person's spiritual intent establishes how Spirit will work with them. I actively participate in establishing spiritual intent to be in the flow of life. I practice allowing the universe to support me while also allowing the universe to put me in position to support others.

So, how do we establish spiritual intent? For me, it's a matter of consciously choosing how I want to play with the universe and then letting the universe know.

I love what Richard Bartlett (creator of Matrix Energetics, a consciousness technology I love) had to say about angels. He said they were like puppies with tennis balls. They are just waiting for us to play.

Throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball, they shout, ready to join in exhuberant fun with us at any moment.

I believe the universe wants us to have exactly the kind of experience we want to have. Most of us just never say what we want and keep saying it long enough to believe it.

Anchoring my spiritual intent involves nurturing it once I've said it out loud and made it real as a choice. I often remind myself of what I have chosen and I often speak it out, sing it out and shout it out.

And I say it as if it is already the way I am living.

I Am in the flow of life, trusting that my highest self always know the right choice to make in any situation.

I Am dancing in the flow of life, discovering joyful purpose and fun and sharing my gifts with others at just the right time.

I Am noticing angels who come to play with me and I Am choosing to play a divine game of spiritual connection with others.

In one of the multitude of selfhelp books I read in my earlier years, one of them said (and I'm paraphrasing) that someone in the world has everything we need or want.

Someone is waiting, wanting to give what they no longer need or have in surplus. We just need to connect with the person who is waiting to support us in our dreams or goals.

Someone is also waiting to receive our gifts, if we just knew how to connect with them.

The connector is intent.

Cultivating this openness of being in the flow of life may be a magic door that more widely opens that connection to whatever we need in any given moment.

In fact, it isn't even need at that point. Choices and actions become positive, joyful exchanges of energy.

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