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Developing the Spiritual Openess
Which Facilitates Living in Flow

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Spiritual Openess and the Flow of Life

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Podcasts on Spiritual Topics This is a series on spiritual surrender and the flow of the life.

You may wish to read the Intro to the Power of Living in Flow for better understanding of this content.

Opening to the flow of life, tip # 1 - Allowing spiritual openness:
The spiritual openness that precedes, even creates, opportunities for universal support and harmony has to have space in the beingness to develop. It is like any other spiritual discipline. Most don't meditate as deeply at first as they learn to meditate with regular practice.

As I go about my daily tasks, I must practice slowing down and allowing a sense of spiritual openness to be there. One of the best ways to make room for this kind of openess is to simply be still. The best time to be still for the purpose of instilling spiritual openess is when I am very busy and apt to be thinking way, way, way too much.

Remembering to sit in my car for a moment in stillness, before leaping out and doing whatever it is I'm doing, helps me maintain and openess for something else to happen. It may be that another action entirely could be more productive, fun, or useful than whatever I am rushing to get done. If I leave space for another idea, the universe recognizes that I might want to play.

Remembering to ly in bed in the morning, prolonging the relaxed still state of alpha, helps create spiritual room for delicious awareness. Remembering to be aware and still for just a few moments before jumping up and getting busy with life, stimulates alignment with universal flow.

These are very simple things and do not take much linear time to accomplish. Yet, I have to remind myself to be still because there is so much of my day that is about doing things. The more I do, the less the universe can do for me.

I have to be willing to not do, long enough to get in touch with the flow of life that would make all other doing effortless for me.

The spiritual discipline of being still on waking is one that definitely sets the stage for more synchronicity in my life, and many more moments of moving in effortless flow and joy.

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