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Keeping Yourself Safe as a Healing Facilitator

What are the energetic risks of doing healing work with others and what kind of spiritual protection may be necessary for healers? This is part two of a four-part article on spiritual protection. Part one: Is Spiritual Protection Necessary?

Question on spiritual healing:
How do I protect myself, as a healer, against negativity energies and evil beings? Is smudging the best way to keep your personal energy field clear? Or do you have specific affirmations that work?

Healing facilitation response:
When I first became aware of what is termed negative energies I became a very fear-based being. Well, more accurately, the collective mindset around this idea that negative energies were everywhere and just waiting to attack Light Workers triggered every dormant fear-based belief system I had ever embraced.

I read Lynn Andrews books, about how evil, negative entities could be trying to take over my consciousness and my body, and wreak havoc to me and through me. I also saw ample evidence when attending psychic fairs that my fellow healing practitioners, psychic readers and vendors believed extraordinary levels of spiritual protection were needed to keep negative energies from draining their energy, influencing their thoughts, affecting their mind, body and Spirit, and interfering with the clarity of their work.

I was around a very diverse group of spiritual beings at the time and many of them practiced an almost constant ritual of protecting, smudging, saying affirmations, etc., so I had quite a bit of support for maintaining my practice of shielding and protection. It was only years later that I realized how wonderful that group of teachers was, in the path of my spiritual development. Only by experiencing what it felt like to live in constant fear, could I truly appreciate the absence of it later.

I did what every other fear-based being was doing at the time .... I smudged, used essential oils as spritzers for energetic space clearing, used crystals and stones all around me, and said almost constant protection affirmations. I was repeatedly clearing my own field and clearing the space around my healing table, in case negative entities had been drawn to the light of the healing frequencies. In addition, I kept a vigilant watch during healing sessions and any type of spiritual ceremony, for negative entities that might be trying to infiltrate the Sacred Space.

What you Dwell on, Increases:

I was not disappointed by all my protecting of my space. The universe supported my belief system fully. I did, indeed, sense negativity at times and manipulative energy beings, as well as feeling like I was being attacked by evil energies.

The more this happened, the more I felt I had to shield myself and keep protection from evil foremost in my consciousness. The more I felt I had to spiritually protect myself and my space, the more I feared, the more I had these types of negative energies. It was rather exhausting, of course, having to be constantly clearing the space, so vigilant against psychic intrusion and, at the same time, being open to Universal Life Force energies that would help my partners in healing to heal themselves. Looking back, it's a wonder any healing vibrations got through at all.

Somewhere a long the way, my fear-based awareness shifted around this idea of constant spiritual protection. I realized that it had all been spiritual training. What I was being taught was to fear not. I was being initiated into living by faith. It was a spiritual journey I had to take, if I were to help others mired in fear and living a fear-based life.

Part Four, continue.....What you fear, you attract