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Do Spiritual Beings Need Protection
from Negative Energies and Evil?

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What is spiritual protection and do you need it? Is protection from evil necessary?


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Creating Spiritual Boundaries

Many in the spiritual community, and particularly those new to spiritual energies, elect to practice certain rituals for protection. These are designed to keep evil or negative entities from entering the person's field.

Spiritual protection techniques for energetic space clearing include smudging a person's energy field or a physical space with ceremonial herbs such as white sage, cedar or osha root. Additional protection rituals include affirmations and ceremonies for protection, wearing a blessed amulet or a Medicine Bag, crystals or stones strategically placed in a physical space or around a body during healing work.

Literal protection mandallas may also be created, under the guidance of a Shaman or Medicine Man or Woman, that would contain protective elements that are specific to the individual's weakness and challenges, as well as their unique spiritual objectives.

Spiritual protection with light is also common and involves creating, through visualization and intent, a bubble of light around a person, for the purpose of deflecting negative entities and as a way of energetic space clearing around the body. While a common practice, is such protection from negative entities necessary?

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Spiritual Health Disclaimer: It is better to use ritual and ceremony to provide shielding and spiritual protection until you are strong enough in your Self to abandon the use of them. I would not change my spiritual journey in any way because, at certain points in my life, I desperately needed to feel safe and to feel that I could protect myself. I needed spiritual protection until I did not need it. So may you.

I also am well aware that negative entities and negative energies both exist. How could they not, with free will and collective thoughtforms that can just as easily generate a gridline of negative energy as positive? I also know that those types of energies go where they are well-fed and that they do not enjoy the taste of love and light unless ready to shift into those frequencies, in which case there is no problem.

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